No Amnesty. We want the Illuminati in Jail, all of them, from Pope Bergoglio and Rothschild down.


I don’t want any peace with these people, I want them destroyed.

I’m sick and tired of peace, I don’t want any peace with Rothschild and the satanic cardinals and their dirty orgies in the Vatican and in New York, I don’t want peace with Edmond de Rothschild or with Soros and their conscious supporters, I’m not talking about the ones in good faith. I want no peace with them and no amnesty: I want them to jail.

I am sick and tired of the communists of medicines sans frontiers who pick up immigrants and bring them to my land for their fucking values, and I don’t want any peace with their communist supporters, with Renzi, Boschi and Alfano. I want them to jail from the Vatican down. I don’t make peace with satanists who do satanic rituals while telling the others peace, love and the virgin Mary, I don’t want peace with people who say chastity and practice sodomy. All the Illuminati must be to jail, I don’t want my currency and my money controlled by Rothschild or any other frankist jew who thinks Jacob Frank is the messiah.

These people are against us, kidnap the singers who rebel the lefty system, are pitiless, kill and even torture, and let clandestine immigrants in our nations and say we have to pay for it: I don’t pay and I don’t care about you, I want you to jail and I’ll get it. I get whatever I want. You don’t believe me? You better believe me, the club is mine.

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