Facebook and Google follow Apple and move the european HeadQuarter to London for…getting rid of the ECJ and its arbitrary and backwards taxation. The strong ones who want the hard Brexit and will get it.

An exterior view of the Facebook Headquaters at Regent's Place,

Facebook offices London

The Top of the Internet World, Facebook, Google after Tim Cook’s Apple is moving the european Headquarter from Ireland to the UK, Central London, obviously. And not because they want a special only-for-London visa by Sadiq Khan, but for the precise opposite: the hard Brexit, which means the European Court of Justice will have no more influence and authority over them and their taxation. The United Kingdom is more trusted than the EU and they want, prefer, the last word over their european affairs to be said by the British High Court and not by the ECJ, why? Because the british High Court is more normal. Except the cases when the british constitution and laws are not clear enough, the role of the Court is to determine in good faith who of two contestants really broke the law and who respected it; this is basic. In the UK, not in Brussels. I tell you what happened:

the European Union was formed by sovereign European Nations who had to pay an affiliation fee but had complete fiscal authority, what does this mean? that the EU cannot impose tax leverage either on citizens or on companies, the EU member state can – could btw – impose taxes high or low and the citizens and companies had to pay taxes to the state and then the state member of the EU had to pay the affiliation fee to the EU, safe. No. It isn’t safe within the EU, at a certain point totally arbitrarily the EU claimed the right to impose direct taxation – a right written nowhere that no treaty gives them – to Apple, based in Ireland because they did an enquiry unilaterally and decided/found out that Apple hadn’t paid enough taxes. But enough taxes according to what law? The Irish state stood with Apple and said it was an agreement between the State of Ireland and Apple that the taxes were so low and that according to the treaties the EU as such has no authority over the fiscal policies, even less can tax directly citizens or companies, but the “competent” tribunal that according to the Apple/Ireland agreement was Dublin, suddenly became the European Court of Justice that rubber stamped as usual the decision of the EU commissioner Vestager based on no written piece of paper, law or treaty; this is why everybody big enough to be called a corporation is fleeing from Ireland – whose final competent tribunal is the ECJ -to Britain – whose final competent tribunal is, after Brexit, the British High Court -.

Britain has a Parliament that will decide the taxation rules and if a company based in Britain respects them it is extremely difficult that the High Court of Britain will meddle saying “no, I know they have to pay more taxes”.

The problem with the EU? It’s always the same, it’s that they try to stick to the founder’s motto “Gain power by stealth” to grab powers illegally that the signed treaties don’t give them, like for example as for immigration, refugees and quotas and now even corporation taxes, relying on the mere fact that they are too big to be contradicted and if you want to stay in Europe you had to be under the European Court of Justice. Not now, with Brexit, and this is why Goldman Sachs and all the globalist institutions were so much against it: they wanted the right to impose direct taxation and moreover arbitrarily and applied backwards, remember that to Apple they presented a bill for non paid taxes dated backwards of ten years, whereas Apple hadn’t broken any signed law, this means they could impose any amount of taxes to anyone for laws and rules they invent today without any signed treaties allowing them. They are also giving free visas to the Ukraines against the will of the Dutch even though the treaties say that to give free visas to another country there must be the unanimity of the member states. They are disgusting, I believe the EU is the shame of Europe.

It is obvious that it is going to be hard Brexit.

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