Beppe Grillo once said: “We are beyond dictatorship; if there were Pinochet, at least we would know who’s running this country”. Now I ask you, who the heck has the legal right to kidnap an adult singer like Kanye West and lock him in a psychiatric yard for saying he would have voted Trump? How dare they.


Kanye West

Lady Gaga is a drug addict bitch who says nonsense about Hillary and Trump and no one touches her, I want to know if I have to reach the point to agree with Beppe Grillo’s extreme statement: “we are beyond dictatorship, if there were Pinochet at least we would know who’s running this country”;


Now I want to know who the fuck has the legal right to kidnap people at the exit of a concert and bring them against their will in a psychiatric hospital, Who the fuck gave the order to these wicked nurses, who the fuck has any legal authority written in which law to kidnap adults and drag them in a psychiatric hospital! Who the fuck gave the order and which fucking law authorizes in the USA this continuous kidnapping of people, and I want to know the fucking legal name, first name middle name and last name. How the fuck dare they!

Lady Gaga is a bitch and a drug addict who says nonsense and no one touches her; Kanye West said he would have voted for Trump, if he had said Trump’s a fascist and vote Hillary he would be still free around. Now this is beyond dictatorship, and I don’t want any amnesty for these people, you are lucky there is Trump, if there were me, I would make a civil war but put you to jail, all of you Rockefeller and Obama and fucking Hillary and Rothschild on holiday from Britain or France included; Free Kanye now.

This continuous kidnapping of people in the USA must end.

People can be arrested or hospitalized against their will only if they are physically dangerous.

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