Let’s talk about the “chilling” truth about cryo-conservation: you must freeze the body before not after it dies, which may mean they killed the girl freezing her. After death they can just conserve a corpse.

Ice Man. The living beings that are successfully cryo-conserved, like sperm of sperm donors or in some cases embryos at very early stages they have not being frozen after death, but when they were alive, I’m not sure people are telling the truth about what they did to that girl, that her father couldn’t see when she died. Because the only chances to wake her up exist if they froze her before she died, if they froze her really after death they’ll have just a frozen corpse but I can’t remember apart from Lazarus’s miracle that a frozen corpse or even only sperm and embryos that are dead can be really cryo-conserved. So? What have they done really? Did they freeze her before or after death? Before death it means they have killed her by freezing her, after death it’s just like a frozen mummy. If they want to see if it works, instead of waking her up in three hundreds years, they may try to wake her up now and see if the experiment worked. So at least we know.

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