“Despite Everything, Trump is really better” What if an “antisemite” writer after Jared Kushner filled Trump’s Team with Jews some of whom dangerously pro-Israel, still says Obama and Hillary are worse.


The ancient regime still tries…

“Despite everything, Trump is really better” “Nonostante tutto, è davvero meglio Trump”, I had expected Maurizio Blondet that was labelled obviously antisemite to rebel to the jewish filling of Trump’s team by the son in law, Jared Kushner, but actually Obama, Hillary – what’s left of her after this campaign – Merkel, Juncker are so weak, disgusting, helpless, even like this, Trump is still better.


I had told you “They have cashed in the votes of the antisemites and white suprematists” and the only thing they’ll give them is freedom of speech but this is the best and the most precious. While superficial leftists still believed Trump was antisemite, the jewish son in law filled the Team of the President elect with non less than 15 jews some of which hardliners pro-Israel, this is because sometimes the leftists lie so much and so “continuously” methodically even I end up in the moments of laziness to believe the utter nonsense they say, these communists. No, I’d rather block Kushner because now dear, you’ve got more than enough and with even John Bolton and Michael Leeden it risks to be a Bush three. Jared, Mr. Kushner, John Bolton and Michael Leeden no. These two at least must be excluded. If you want another jew in the team I suggest you Steve Pieczenik instead. But what does it mean “even like this Trump is still better” said by Blondet, a radical anti-Israel writer?

Obama and Angela Merkel declared themselves united in promoting till the end mass immigration under the mask of helping the refugees, sanctions to Russia and this cold war that may turn into WWIII at any moment, LGBT rights, and even even TTIP, hated on both sides of the Atlantic both for health reason, you cannot sue a food corporation that puts hormones in the food and the corporation is not obliged to write on the label what’s in the food and for independence reasons: the institution of another overnational Court for the corporations to sue the states if they pass laws that damage their earnings even if it is laws to protect health and the ambient or the workers’s rigths. Yes, Maurizio, I understand: even like this, Trump is still better.

But I have to warn the Donald and his son in law: Michael Leeden and John Bolton are involved in 9/11 and are israeli spies and moreover have no morality of any kind, they can backstab anyone at any moment. Expel this kind of people, if you want another jew, take someone who’s not a war-monger; these two they cannot backstab me, you know, they backstab the ones near them.

Trump and his Team shouldn’t try to reach out to Lord Rothschild through his henchman Tony Blair, as Jared Kushner did as we know, because Rothshcild is on top of the crowd that still tries to dethrone him so, you should “give in” something and he still gives orders to his henchmen to say bad things about you and do the hell against your supporters: it’s useless, basically they are the enemies and you now must protect your supporters, from the journalist sacked by Fox Houston for saying Trump is better than Obama on twitter to the kids who vote Trump is play-elections and some of them were beaten. Your loyalty must be for the people who helped you be encrowned and Lord Rothshcild with his henchmen, like Blair, are not.

The cover of the Economist 2017 shows Christians finally split from the communists and a lightening crashing in two a tower that might be the Vatican because there is a cross on the front-door, because now catholics and communists are unfortunately mixed under Bergoglio. While Trump reigns on the world and then people under the guide of the hermit protest against…TTIP, which may mean Merkel’s kingdom’s over. I never understood whether the Economist guesses or they’re into magic and prophecies…or whether it’s they who cause the facts they show off on the cover. Then death, magician, stars…but I am a positivist kabalarian christian I still think I can take decisions and move things. And there is something I want to move: the Germans must not vote for that cow of Angela Merkel again, if they really want her they keep her only for themselves, I don’t accept any open door craziness and any TTIP.

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