Dear Readers, Hope, Pray and Want that Hofer wins in Austria and the No-Front in Italy on the 4th of December and maybe the nightmare is over.


Norbert Hofer, hopefully President of Austria

I have little to add to what I have already written, to stop mass immigration, globalisation and the perspective of a WWIII with Russia we have other two knights to place on the checkerboard: Hofer in Hofburg and the No- Front with a huge political victory in Italy, so Renzi will have to face his promise to resign.

I would like to inform Team Trump that Hofer is our candidate, the man to promote the new democratic nationalist agenda in the West and that he’s an admirer of Trump’s: he wants peace with Russia and end of the stupid, absurd russian embargo, less powers to Brussels and more to the democratically elected Parliaments, no TTIP – he’s a salutist – and no overnational Courts, moreover, about immigration he wants a stop to mass immigration and help the refugees in safe spaces in Northern Africa to avoid the counter-colonization of Europe, he said that Islam does not belong to Austria, and it doesn’t. He’s not a denier of the existence of the no-go zones and wants none in Austria; the leader of his Party, Heinz-Christian Strache notoriously said that Angela Merkel is crazy.

Now Trump will have in Strache and Hofer other two knights in Europe who truly believe in the same plan as he, while Van Der Bellen belongs to the anti-Trump team and said the Donald is a danger etc. As for the nazis, ’cause obviously Norbert Hofer and Christian Strache are called nazis, neither the jews nor the americans will have any enemy in Hofburg and in Wien if they win, the same austrian jews are divided, like the american, and a part of them have openly supported Strache’s team, for mass immigration and the no go zones probably.

If we and I say “we” because we are an international right wing team, put Hofer in Hofburg, we’ll have also Wien and Wien is so beautiful


We’ll have a christian in Palace and no one will be able to tell us that to say “merry Christmas” is racism.

Trump must be considered the leader of the West and also in other countries there must be good christian defenders of western identity and culture, so we’ll be able to say Merry Christmas as much as we like without being forced by the likes of Obama to say Merry Winter – which sounds stupid -. If Hofer wins, as I strongly hope and want, Trump and his team can meet him in Wien for Christmas because Christmas in Austria is wonderful.

As for Italy, we are at a crucial point: the No to Renzi’s referendum must win ’cause Renzi promised he would resign in case of victory of the No, moreover his wicked Minister of the Interior, Angelino Alfano – a monster – has menaced to use private properties to settle the refugees against the will of the owner after the 4th of December, at the moment they are waiting for not losing more votes than they already are; the victory of the No plus Trump in America and Strache and Hofer in Austria should put an end to the refugee crisis – Strache notoriously called Renzi a human trafficker; Strache notoriously talks unchecked pretty much like Trump, maybe a little worse because he’s unrestraint-, if it doesn’t we’ll go on until we win everything. Add that in Hungary there’s already Orban, and next year there must be Marine LePen in France, so we’ll have also the Elysée. This is a democratic revolution, we are taking over winning the elections, let’s hope and pray and want to do the right thing.


Hofer this year and Marine LePen next year in France and globalisation and mass immigration are over.

If some of you doesn’t believe me that Renzi is on the side of the AntiChrist an ally of his, Ms Laura Boldrini already in the summer had started saying we should cancel the saints from the calendars not to upset the migrants, kind of we shouldn’t say that the 13th of December is Saint Lucy’s day ’cause the immigrants, half drowned and shocked as they are when they reach Italy, the first thing they do is to look at what saints there are on the calendar to declare themselves “upset” and say “After ISIS and torture and carpet bombings also Saint Lucy no, it’s too much”: it is obvious that the masons and the masonnesses like Ms Boldrini would like to use immigration to erase christian culture, they are cheap, disgusting and communist, hopefully they’ll be wiped out democratically. Not even in a movie the bad ones are like this.

Merry Christmas

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