After Hard Brexit and Soft Brexit, now there is Trans Brexit. And then? Queer Brexit? Brexit in a wedding gown? Brexit Tennis Player? What’s this, a Barbie saga?

Hard Brexit, Soft Brexit, that is: out of the Single Market and of the Custom Union or out of the EU parliament and Commission but still inside the Single Market and the Custom Union, till this we understood and we understood it was better the Hard Brexit because to pay an association fee and not to have MEPs and Commissioners and still not to be able to control immigration was the worst of both worlds.

But we had understood. Now there is , the last proposal: Trans Brexit


Trans Brexit

I mean, is it a Barbie line? Brexit Tennis Player, Brexit in a wedding gown, Brexit at the NHS. Trans Brexit we don’t get it and maybe it is done on purpose.

Basically Hard Brexit is the only real Brexit possible because the EU was clear: No control over immigration without expulsion from the Single Market which won’t mean no trade, it will mean trade with tariffs, the three percent tariff.

Soft Brexit doesn’t give control over immigration and still leaves authority to the ECJ and people don’t want it.

It is clear and there’s no trans possibility and it’s not the end of the world, as Boris Johnson said: Brexit is done, you cannot put toothpaste back in the tube once it’s out. Very clear Mr. Johnson. Explain it to Theresa May.


Brexit and the other looks like Nexit 

The Netherlands will follow probably because it is already two Referendum, the last about Ukraine and the relationship with Russia that the EU ignores and goes against the will of the Dutch.

Theresa May must stop thinking she can fool people.

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