The UK must out, it cannot stay one foot in and one foot out, then once it is out it will not pay anything to the EU. This ambiguity must end and the ambiguity is UK’s fault.

I’m sick and tired of these “shocking news” of Brussels handing bills to the UK; it’s Theresa May that’s not doing the Brexit and this time it’s not Brussels’s fault; the famous/infamous Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty in reality is clear, the leaving country must leave according to its, not the EU’s constitutional prerogative and “communicate it” to the EU; stop, it’s done, there isn’t written that the EU has to “accept” it nor that you have to pay an exit bill, of course if british personnel have worked for the EU Britain will pay their pensions in Britain, in pounds and not through the EU and the bill will not amount to 50 billions – the EU bills are always exaggeratedly high – I want to warn the Patriots of the it’s your Theresa May that must do the first move and she is not doing it, she didn’t appoint enough civil servants for the Brexit as Jacob Rees Mogg pointed out there are only 50 while in other less important sectors there are 300. She has to do it and you must get angry with her for not pushing it through the Parliament and actually for not  being doing anything. That’s it, from the EU at this point I don’t see what they should tell you if you don’t move, they cannot trigger Article 50 in your place: it’s your turn to move, she is losing time, remember that she was a remainer, every delay is her fault.

I still believe they are trying to botch it. From inside the UK too, obviously.

Here’s another “shocking news” for the, get angry with Theresa for her slow delaying attitude:

BRITISH taxpayers will help finance European defence plans, despite UK opposition to a shared army.

Source: Britain will still have to pay for European army despite UK opposition | UK | News | Daily Express

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