Now everybody’s scared of the “Black Avalanche”. They triggered it with the refugee crisis and I can’t say that they can turn it back.


Everybody wants to vote far-right

The Black Avalanche, the far right parties taking over Europe and the USA, the West. Black being in politics – at least in Italy – the colour of the far right, while blue is the colour of the moderate Right, white the colour of the christian democrats and red the colour of communism.

Well, it’s like all the leftists in the world, after triggering the virulent attack on “white Europe” done on purpose with the organized refugee crisis, now they’re scared of the political “black avalanche”. That people don’t feel guilty or even only emotional in voting far right anymore. It was to be expected and I tell you from now to avoid looking for Zuckerberg again to try to put the blame on him; the blame is Soros’s, Open Democracy’s and their Black Lives Matter fake organization:

It’s the Black Lives Matter that have normalized racism, because they attacked white people who hadn’t done anything against them and the more and more people didn’t feel guilty in saying racist things against the black anymore, “all whites are shit”? “all blacks are shit”! and so on.

Probably Marine LePen will win France’s presidency next year and without having being able to turn daddy Jean-Marie out of the Party. It would be about time.

The refugee crisis was meant to trigger the destruction of the national states and empower the EU, I don’t know why the masons who organized this thought people would turn to the EU and not the the safest nation -states, I know some masons hinted at the eventuality of a rise of the far right, but he was dismissed by others who said it would be the EU to be empowered.

The leftists are still in denial: today I read an interview by the Telegraph to the lefty “intellectual” Bernard Henry Levy and he repeated their stupid, very unconvincing mantra: “people vote far right because they don’t care about the truth anymore …” now either he’s an idiot or he’s a liar, everybody knows people will vote far right to get rid of the illegal immigrants and if the descendants of the legal immigrants are given the rassicuration that they won’t be touched, they’ll vote far right too.

They never listen to the real wise ones, and now it seems no one cares anymore about being called a racist, it has no real effect on people’s minds or lives, there’s too much chaos: in Paris, in Italy even in Germany – that used to be a very orderly country – it’s like they have wanted too many immigrants all together too soon and moreover illegal; even legal immigrants call for “order”, and this “ordo ab chao” no one wants it from the EU, everybody wants it by the daddy nation state.

There will be the political “black avalanche” and it will wipe out the EU and the masons’s power because the far right wingers have one characteristic: they don’t feel guilty on command.

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