Kylie Minogue inspired me always more than Beyoncee, here’s why.


Is this “joy of living” for girls to be over?

I got inspired by Kylie Minogue and a performance she gave in Cannes, and I thought about the burkini ban row; and I thought, the burkini and the burqa mean that girls who express their joy of living are considered sl**s to be punished and men who wish to be their boyfriends, marry them or even only be their friends and don’t want to punish them raping them and putting them under a burqa are “no real men”; tell the french judges that this is what the burkini really means and this is why Cannes’s mayor did right in banning them. I watched a happy performance of Minogue in Cannes

And there is such a happiness, a joy of living and men who were happy and respectful and no, the burqa, the burkini couldn’t fit in, because the burqa and co. give the message that all that happiness and joy and respect for “women who are openly sexy” is something to wipe out and it’s useless to try to give them another meaning. We should be thankful that european men are so open, we shouldn’t allow some strange people putting us against “white men” the way some cheap bad “feminists” would like, because in reality, on average, they seem to respect women much more, certainly more than muslims. The point is that sharia muslims, burqas and burkini and, strangely as it is, the white leftists who support them and artificially take them from where they are to plunge them in the middle of Malmö or of Rome or of Paris, they wouldn’t like “to be invited to the party” but that the party doesn’t take place, it can be Kylie Minogue’s sexy cheerfulness or even a Christmas party in the office: we must be clear about it, the left wants us to stop being ourselves and living our culture. If it is true that some muslims don’t want to shut it down it also evident that the left pushes for no burqa’s and burkini’sban, no sharia-ban and brings the more and more unchecked people and simply pushes them inside Europe to then prohibit the things that these newly arrived may deem offensive. These people must not be let in, the illegals must be repatriated and we must make a serious enquiry into the Left, because they personally are no muslims, to verify why they do it and if there are criminal charges against them and arrest them for attempted eversion.

What’s the difference with Beyoncee? That Beyoncee claims to defend the right for women to be openly sexy, but then attacks Trump on the muslim ban, whereas in reality if you let all the muslims or too many muslims in, it’s precisely women, “openly sexy” and not, who are targeted as enemies and the men who defend them.

So, the Left is wrong in attacking “white men” because in reality, it is the group of men who respect women more and they are wrong in defending the mass immigration from muslim countries, because it’s muslim men who block women from being free, then they cannot put women in the same basket with muslims – even less muslims with gays – look at the white gentlemen how they are cheerful with Kylie, I don’t see why it’s they who should be the enemy. I despise the likes of Briony Gordon who lately on the Telegraph attacked “angry white males” she, after what she did in her twenties should beware someone else. What’s about all these feminists? The wage? They kick you off the Telegraph if you don’t write it? And the cries for “Islamophobia”? Why? isn’t it true that many muslim men don’t deal well with independent women and if the number raises it will get wrong for women? On which base is this a pre-judice and not a post-judice? A judgement post-factum and not pre-factum? Therefore, let’s go far-right everywhere and punish the masons: never with freemasonry.

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