Just an innocent question: Why did they get angry with facebook’s “fake news” and not with Assange’s true revelation? There was so much true dirt about the Clintons they preferred to focus on two joke stories not to have to talk about what Assange said. Facebook fixing fake news problem with CEO at trade summit after claims it helped Trump.

Zuckerberg promises that he and the rest of the Facebook Team will, with another algorithm probably, fix the fake news problem. Fake news that must not include satire of course. I admire the coolness Zuckerberg takes this blows with, I, who am less cold blooded would have already told them “The fake news, sirs? What about the true news revealed by Julian Assange about how depraved, corrupt and incompetent Hillary truly was in eight years at the government?” No, we Trump supporters “cannot” have been influenced by the true revelations of Assange, we “idiots” must have been mislead by the fake ones. I don’t know whether it is convenient for the Democrats to go on like this, I would go deeper into Assange’s revelation that are proven true, if they go on like this we’ll have to take on fighting again with true pieces of information about the Clinton’s clan and the Clinton foundation and Benghazi, and maybe we must do it the same for making the Truth and Justice reign.

Zuckerberg is rather like a sphinx who does not let people guess his thoughts but as for us …à la guerre comment à la guerre: let’s talk about the true stories about Hillary Clinton again and again until she ends up in jail.


Facebook facing criticism for failing to stem a flood of phony news articles in the run-up to the U.S. presidential election, is taking a series of steps to weed out hoaxes and other types of false news.

Source: Facebook fixing fake news problem with CEO at trade summit after claims it helped Trump | Daily Mail Online

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