With the 3% tariff a bottle of wine that costs £100 would cost just £103 and people who can spend £100 for a bottle of wine don’t even notice it, a barrel of candies of £30 would cost oh my dear £30.9! Is this really the price of freedom?


Can you really imagine dropping the freedom that Brexit gives you only for…the three percent of tariff on the import goods?

I mean, that your Parliament and High Court have the last say over your british things, freedom to strike trade deals with other countries outside Europe and all this blocked…for the EU Single Market which is basically the most bloated in importance institution ever, to say it’s overrated means diminishing the level of the EU hoax; 3% of tariff only on the import, which means british bread, milk, yoghurt and vegetables, the things people eat are not included, would mean that a EU wine sold now at £100 would be sold at £103 or a barrel of candies from Austria let’s say would cost £30 and oh dear 90 pence instead of £30, I believe freedom and independence are bigger than that. Revert to the three percent tariff and take back your freedom. Honestly I can’t imagine that really, only to be able to abolish tariffs, and such a low one, you have to hand out to the EU the legislative power and the control over who can come and stay in your country – at your expenses moreover – or be expelled from your country. Your, Mine are possessive adjectives, the EU is communist for us “it’s not yours, it’s human” – which is untrue, it’s mine – then it’s very possessive for itself – they want a lot of money: it’s dirty communism in disguise, ditch it or if you really think the problem is the three pounds…It’s such a low level tariff it beggars belief that some people think the big handout of power to the EU institutions can be justified by this. It’s all about communism and globalisation or to be a nation state. Farage is right. Revert to the three percent tariff and take back your freedom and authority over the territory of Britain and its State.

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