Theresa May must put in her mind that this kind of politics is like Chess: you do your best move but then you must wait for the other’s move, in this respect Angela Merkel is even right. Angela Merkel gives Theresa May cold shoulder in Berlin.

Theresa May is a fine person, but with this Brexit she wants to know the moves of the EU before doing her own, they cannot tell her because they have to agree with one another and she must know – and if she doesn’t she can ask Cameron – how slow and ineffective the EU agreements are, which is one of the main point in leaving the bloc tout court because it s a bloc that blocks everything and it’s not going to work not even in the future.

Now Theresa, you must think about it as a chess game: you do your best move, then you must wait for the other to do his or hers. Do your move; I suggest to withdraw totally both from the Single Market and the Custom Union because any other option doesn’t leave you free to strike trade deals outside of the EU and doesn’t give back supremacy to the British High Court over the ECJ and the ECHR, so there’s little to say, but if the problem is the freedom of movement, honestly I never saw any difference with or without the EU, unless you go around asking for state benefits, I travelled and obviously to book a flight you must have a passport or an ID, only people who go on foot or by train could really do without passport or ID, and who goes from a country to another by train anymore in the long distance? I mean you can go by train from Switzerland to Austria but the passport for the flight the Britons must have it the same so for many people there won’t be any difference and as for the benefits claimants to stop them was one of the main aim of Brexit. Do your move Theresa, don’t be scared. Say you leave the single market and the custom union and people to go to Britain must have a passport or an ID and you revert to 3% tariffs, you also offer the disponibility to drop the tariffs under request of the european partners, then wait for the others’s move or else it’s done like this and you cash the tariff’s money and are free to strike trade deals with USA, Australia etc. It’s like Tennis, once it’s your turn and then it’s the other’s turn you cannot know everything in advance. Go, that you’ll win. I don’t want to boast about it but I supported both Trump and Brexit and I “guessed the bet” when the polls of the “experts” said “No, they won’t make it” it is possible that the experts lied or we bloggers were so much “cleverer” than they… . Brexit will be a success.

THE German Chancellor Angela Merkel set a tough tone with Theresa May when she was visiting Berlin by refusing to discuss any Brexit details and snubbing her for lunch.

Source: Angela Merkel gives Theresa May cold shoulder in Berlin | World | News | Daily Express

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  1. Yeah it was all about Merkel and Obama this week.


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