ISIS is still a problem or now that Obama’s gone also ISIS has magically disappeared? I noticed the chilling detail that while Trump’s solution may be racist Hillary’s solution is…none: she didn’t even name the problem during the presidential campaign, nor did Obama…


Obama was so ambiguous about “ISIS” it raises questions…

Obama makes me sick, he’s not a third of the man he thinks he is. What’s ISIS really?

Why didn’t he or Hillary even name Islamic State in their electoral campaign’s speeches?

I tell you frankly that Alex Jones and David Icke said plainly that Obama and Hillary are not concerned about ISIS because they created it to try and de-throne Assad while Trump talked a lot about Islamic terrorism because he believes it is true: in any case it’s Obama’s fault.

It came into my mind when I got angry at the lefty backlash against Kushner and Trump and their plan to control mosques and the muslims living in the country and I thought “of course, after San Bernardino, they must do something” then I thought about the concerns of the Left about racism and discrimination towards innocent muslims and I thought about Hillary’s solution and here it is: she didn’t even name the problem, and so Obama; they have teased us, scared us, terrorized our dreams with this ISIS, they told us, like Valls, we can blow up at any moment killed by ISIS, and then in the electoral campaign they dropped the problem: didn’t say anything about it and moreover got angry against Trump for he said he would control the mosques and the muslims trying to enter the country, which is a logical thing to do. No, Obama can put off his smug attitude, either he knows something, that this ISIS doesn’t exist as such, it is a CIA creation to throw out Assad and in this case he must be put on a trial or he’s an idiot who forgets vital issues; and also Hillary, she talked about Putin, Assad but not ISIS, basically because the Saudi Arabians had paid her. I stick to the point that Trump is more normal than both Hillary and Obama… And Mexico? I suggest to avoid the physical wall, a fence and a couple of guards with the collaboration of the mexican authority on the other side will do, I tell Trump and his team: the wall is vulgar. I supported you with all the strength I could, but if you can make it more elegant though very effective, and with the collaboration of Mexico is better, I mean a fence with some patrols, it depends a lot on Mexico, if Mexico is willing to stop clandestine immigration, it should be enough. But as for this islamic terrorism? Is David Icke right that it isn’t really islamic terrorism and so it’s nothing coming from the mosques? Or if it is islamic terrorism where else should the authority control? In both cases I wouldn’t like to be Hillary.

Let’s say that Trump gave some answers, on the other side there was a lot of hot air about generic values, but they didn’t say anything substantial about solutions to the real problems. It looks very much like the EU….mmm

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