“I’m talking to you Jared: you’re a pig” sexy nonsense by a lefty jewess who can’t forgive Kushner for being Trump’s aide and son in law, this is only one of a tirade by lefty Jews who would like to accuse Trump of antisemitism, if it weren’t that this time the Jews were divided.

“Jared you’re a pig” posting a profile photograph of herself where she, the lefty jewess, does show her cleavage, sounds more like an erotic call than a political one. I tell you, Jared, be careful because now there is the hunt to the men in the White House and you, are young and bold.

What’s the real point? The real point is that the marxist jews – and the marxist jewesses even more dangerous – want forcefully to say that Trump is antisemite and there is “poor” Kushner in the middle, now that they have de-criminalized “poor” Zuckerberg and facebook admitting that it was obvious that Trump had more followers and produced more traffic on facebook than Hillary, it’s all about Jared; not all, it comes out that in reality the Jews didn’t feel obliged to vote for Clinton, but the marxists if they cannot use the accusation of anti-semitism they seem to have lost any other argument: it’s long they don’t debate with people who think differently after all.

Marxist Professors sign a petition about Trump being a danger for democracy and no one cares basically, it’s like they want to be able to consider anti-semitism any form of opposition to globalisation and NWO, any call for controlling the boundary line and deporting illegal immigrants is “fascism” then it was fascism also what we had in the 80ies and in the 90ies because I can’t remember before these last two years that accepting illegal immigration was considered normal and they know it. They are selling the Holocaust to the NWO: they want to use it to support globalisation and this is immoral and must not be accepted.

As for a register of the muslims, but are we fighting against this ISIS or not? Is this ISIS Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or not? Is it muslim terrorism and jihad or not?

And moreover, what solution are the leftists proposing to fight islamic terrorism? They may not like Trump’s idea and till here I can accept it, but they must remember that both Hillary and Obama had no idea at all if not sending weapons to jihadi groups in Syria and allowing clandestine immigration through the mexican border. So, you don’t like Trump’s solution and it’s ok, I respect you till here but after this indignation there’s nothing else: you never offer any solution to anything, you just say Trump’s wrong and LoveTrumpsHate but that’s just a slogan and not a smart one: give solution to the threats instead of only saying Trump is bad an Jared is pig and facebook made you lose.

And then there is another point: how is it possible that people who didn’t bother to vote on the 8th of November already on the 9th of November bothered to protest in the streets? To vote is much easier than to protest unless you just like the street protest ’cause you find it amusing or they really paid you. May I ask you leftists some direct questions?

Are you really scared for the jews living in America?

Is this ISIS really Islamic Terrorism?

If it is, shouldn’t the mosques and the preachers being controlled?

And if Trump’s solutions that we anyway supported and voted for are deemed not good, which is in your opinion the good solution? The Collapse of the border with Mexico? Why?

And why do you use the Holocaust for pushing the NWO and the abolition of the national borders?

Do you know what? I used to be antisemite and now I’m not thanks to Jared because I can’t stand the people who do travel to the West Bank and basically say that the West Bank is Israel and then play the ultra-leftists “love your neighbour” in America, and I’m talking about the people of the “jewish journal” that published the rubbish I mentioned above, both the letter to “Jared the pig” and the one by the concerned professors: why don’t you love your neighbour in Palestine if you’re so good? It’s jews like you who fuel antisemitism not Jared Kushner, as for facebook my opinion is that facebook didn’t “help” the Right but Hillary was a bloated candidate and on facebook the fact the Trump was more successful was certainly more evident than in your rigged polls, in any case Zuckerberg defended free speech and refused to sack Thiel; these are the Jews who extinguish antisemitsm, people like you, we say you are double faced, it’s about time you realize the problem is you.

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