You have to choose between George Soros and Marine LePen, there’s no real third position, for no one. Not even for the Kings and Queens and who pretends to be “superior” at an “above level” knows it is untrue: the above level does not exist. So pack your smugness and decide what you want for this world.


George Soros is the founder of the No-Borders movement


This is an aerial view of one of his mansions surrounded by land-property where no one can enter without his permission.

Either Nations or Globalisation and it’s not Marine LePen’s fault. The third option, the EU, was destroyed in favour of globalisation by the masons who run the EU and by Alexis Tsipras and Matteo Renzi who, agreeing with one another and hiding it from the rest of us, decided to pull down the external borders of the EU bringing as a result the end of Schengen, because Soros didn’t want “Fortress Europe” or “White christian Europe”, so the third option, the EU, was destroyed by the globalists who worked inside of the EU countries.

Soros, we know who he is and we know what he wants: no-borders and no nations, no-borders he means not the abolition of the border between France and Germany, he means it in the extreme, the abolition of the borders with Africa Asia and Europe: total meltdown, and we saw it; only patriotism and nationalism could stop it and only the patriotic nationalist revival that someone considers a regression put a stop to it indeed: Brexit and Trump, without nationalism and patriotism we couldn’t have done it.

Now, I can see on the Telegraph there are still people, a bit out-fashioned, who think it à la page to still say that Marine LePen, and Farage and Trump are the monsters, this without confessing to stand up with Soros and Globalisation which means the end of the nation state, not “as we know it” but tout court, this people don’t play the bad one like Soros, don’t say they want to destroy/abolish the state-countries, mostly because they would like a gong by the Queen and be called Lord by us, but they talk as if they could be neither with Soros nor with Marine, as if they lived at an above level that does not exist, in this respect I respect Soros more, because he doesn’t lie.

I stand with Marine, and now I have to do a confession: I have loved in the past the European Union, but with the external borders protected it was a “family affair” I felt at ease, now with the external borders on purpose destroyed by Merkel, Tsipras, Alfano and him Renzi it risks to be an african asian thing where people like me can only feel bad at ease, it was put clearly that to welcome non white christian refugees was a “core value” of the EU, which in reality was never written anywhere, then I saw what was happening with the overnational courts of Justice and of the human rights that were tools of freemasonry to prohibit the expulsion of the illegal immigrants brought here, tragically in Italy – and I don’t want them and stop – by the unelected masons the same EU appointed as Prime Ministers and Finance Minister, and then again I saw that they did use the spread to blackmail a democratic elected government and finally I understood the danger of unelected institutions and the decision: we must revert to national democracies.

People who stand against Marine they must admit they are on the side of Soros, because to bring continuously immigrants to Italy and put them as a burden on the welfare state and starting prohibiting christmas fests and parties at school is chilling.

I know what Soros wants: the Antichrist, also Bergoglio is antichristian no matter the pope’s dress. They want to see everything burn like Nero, only reverting to national democracies can stop this. So, pack your smugness and decide what you want to do with this world, unless really the only thing you are capable to want is a peerage. At least Soros knows what he wants and he’s not ashamed of saying it; are you ready, truly ready to live in a world without borders with the actual demographics?

I don’t, so logically I stay with Marine.

Soros does, he wants to live in a world without borders, oh pardon, without national-borders, because give a look at the place where he can live: they’ve got the borders at the beginning of their property and they don’t let any thug in, so, like this it’s a bit too easy to be no-borders…

Because all the leftists who complain about everything “hurts” they’d wake up in  world where everything burns, if it weren’t that they’re lucky enough that the Right won and I trust Trump and his team.

Ben Moody & Anastacia – Everything Burns from mihau on Vimeo.

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