Just a question, why do you bring these people you “save” to Italy my country and don’t you bring them to the UK? Stop taking people and bringing them here, fuck off you and your migrants. Royal Navy rescues 27 migrants found clinging to sinking dinghy in Mediterranean, but another 100 feared drowned

I have a deep feeling of rage against you all britons and french and norwegians who pick up immigrants in front of the libyan coast and bring them here in Italy instead of bringing them, according to the old sacred rule, to your own country and a deeper rage towards Renzi who lets you do it.

There is a double injustice and a double lie, if fucking Renzi and Alfano want “to be helped by Europe” with these fucking migrants – I hate them and I don’t give a fuck about they’re black and poor africans, for me they can die – well why instead of taking them all to Southern Italy doesn’t he start saying that anyone picking up immigrants can bring them to their own fucking country? Norwegians to Norway, Britons to the UK etc.? What’s the meaning, idiots, of talking against immigration at home, and I’m talking to Theresa May, and then picking up africans and discharging them to my country? Don’t pick them up or bring them back to Africa: you and Medicins sans Frontieres are human traffickers and you should be honest enough to admit it and possibly stop.

As for that sell-out of Renzi what the fuck does he talk about Europe not helping him with the immigrants if it’ s he the idiot and traitor that tells everybody in the sea “if you pick up migrants bring them to Italy.” I believe that if Renzi died shot I would be happy. I’m looking forward this 4th of December to make him disappear him and his lover: he makes me disgusted.

As for the EU, the punishment for what this entity is doing against Italy is that it must disappear in front of God and in front of the human beings.

A Royal Navy ship rescued 27 migrants found clinging to a sinking rubber dinghy off the coast of Libya on Thursday, but another 100 were feared to have drowned.

Source: Royal Navy rescues 27 migrants found clinging to sinking dinghy in Mediterranean, but another 100 feared drowned

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