Think about your problems Telegraph, we in Southern Italy don’t want them; first they are scroungers and live on state benefits, second they’re not christians and we don’t want to be colonized by muslims so keep your sob-happy stories for yourself. End of.

It’s useless that you show this stupid image I am southern italian and I do not want them, these africans that Renzi brought here are no workers they all live as state benefits scroungers, state benefits that the Renzi government doesn’t give to the italian youth for austerity-measures imposed by Brussels and the euro and I am not multiculturalist: Italy must remain christian, it must never become muslim, and the South indeed and these people must be sent back to Africa. End of the story.

Sun-baked wooden shutters dangle from their iron hinges, cobbled lanes are deserted but for the occasional dog and a dusty ‘

Source: Refugees throw a lifeline to dying hill-top towns in Italy’s deep south

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