Interpretation of the HomePage of the MailOnLine: Theresa May opposes Trump to defend good muslims, there is a Jew who betrayed the other Jews in 1930s… and Kate Middleton is associated with Michelle Obama.


Trump is not a racist or even less an antisemite, he wants to protect his land from terrorism and from opinion crime, that’s different.

I had an overall feeling of subtle communication reading the homepage of the DailyMail:

There is a Jew who betrayed the other Jews…sounds like the beginning of a horror story, Theresa May vows to stand up to Trump if he dares and ban british jihadis entering the US, because this is islamophobia and Kate Middleton is associated to Michelle Obama and not yet to Melania Trump.

We always knew that the reductio ad Hitlerum of Trump was ridiculous being one of the senior activists of his team Jared Kushner, the jewish son in law, now the jewish presence is presented ad heavier, being Mark Zuckerberg accused on vague data to have helped Trump’s campaign, apart from the happiness of Netanyahu that was evident, there is the omnipresent solution: the jews who betray the other jews, it was like this also in WWII, the term of paragon for the leftists to be able to state that their enemy is …like Hitler of course. Which is their favourite tool, though it doesn’t work well with Trump.

The problem is Rothschild, since he/they are globalists they would like to be able to accuse of antisemitism all the anti-globalists, or the Jews who don’t agree with them to be traitors. As for Theresa May she should understand that british jihadis will be banned from the USA, she herself cannot be as free as she would like, but her attitude towards Trump is not good, she still thinks she can lecture him, be careful about a little detail, Trump has done or said nothing lately about muslims, so the controversy was refreshed by the Britons gratuitously, in a moment when it didn’t need to be refreshed. The british Parliament, the actual british Parliament set itself on a pedestal to look at Trump from upside down and Theresa May is dithering Brexit. Maybe it would be better to go to new general elections so we get rid of the posh and of the delayers.

What do you think? About the “jew who betrayed the other jews” ? Jews are not obliged to be pro NWO only because Rothschild is. In the end also Stanley Kubrik who did Eyes Wide Shut was a Jew and Eyes Wide Shut did help the anti-Illuminati very much he basically opened the door of their orgies for everybody to see how christian a part of the establishment was.

The x-establishemnt is saying “we’re still here”. No you’re not.

And Theresa May should…maybe its’ better to remove her, what are they hoping to do provoking Trump? Can’t they see he’s a never surrender? Why refreshening that thing when Raheem Kassam who’s born in a shia muslim family, even though he said he’s not practicing Islam since years, was invited and welcomed in Trump’s Tower with Farage on the first days after his elections? Why do they tease Trump like this?

Now I understand I start talking like the guy in the song “Psycho killer” by the Talking Heads, but I can remember what they did to the EDL’s non white member of the steering group: to be able to accuse Tommy Robinson of racism they arrested the asian members of the EDL; I wouldn’t like them to go after Raheem as well, because these lefty “antiracists” are strange, if a non white does not fit in their agenda they try to arrest him first.

Zuckerberg is very rich – I destest to say it, I was educated that it is rude, pardon, vulgar to name money, but I haven’t got time – so he can protect and guard himself and in any case he should do it the same, also Jared Kushner, but Kassam, I wouldn’t like him to end up like other non white right wingers who were targeted for the firsts by the good antiracist leftists…Hopefully not, watch your back Raheem. Now I hope I’m just on a trip really; we did it big and we start feeling it a bit.

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