I have to defend Zuckerberg again: I read that Bretbart.com has got 18 millions readers; how many readers has the New York Times? Right wing media have taken over and facebook just reflects that. There’s no way for the Left: people don’t like them.


Mark Zuckerberg Facebook’s CEO

I defend Zuckerberg again: has facebook “helped” the Right?

I read that Breitbart.com under the direction of Steve Bannon reached the astonishing 18 millions readers, how many readers has the New York Times, really? Facebook simply reflected that right wing media were taking over and actually did take over.

It’s useless to point at the hoax stories, there may be some hoax stories but there probably were also lies about Trump, the very fact that Trump’s facebook profile had millions of followers more than Hillary and the “capacity” of Breibart or infowars or that Paul Joseph Watson creates hashtags openly discussed also by the feminists like  the notorious #howtospotafeminist explains alone that the Right did take over and while twitter was wickedly manipulated, we all know that celebrities who boast about having millions of twitter followers then if they appear in a sit com the sit com has some hundred thousand viewers so, where are really all those fans, excuse me, lefty sirs? So, I even thought that facebook was manipulated to favour the Left if you want to know it, certainly not so much as twitter, I reached the point I believe some “celebrities” buy followers on twitter because their movies or songs are nowhere to be so succesful.

And what about all the true stories about Hillary that the lefty press knows perfectly to have hidden?

And what about the rainbow flag that facebook used to push for legalizing gay weddings whereas when they tried to use the british flag and the EU flag to understand how many people were pro-Brexit or pro Remain they were blocked for the fear that it would push Brexit? And Zuckerberg accepted to desist from an experiment they wanted to do? Weren’t all these moves helping the Left indeed?

But what do they want, the leftists?

No-Platforming, this is what they really wanted and this facebook didn’t give it.

Go, Mark.

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