Remember that “migrants” is the word used by the multiculturalists, in any other civilization they would be called wannabe invaders who do not respect the property of a territory and are moved by billionaires who want to destroy the State. Hungarian guards are accused of beating up migrants.

There’s a bit of confusion about the words: what today the Left of Soros calls “migrants” every other civilization would call them invaders: they want to enter your territory without your permission or against your will because globalist billionaires help them and push them to do so with the aim of destroying the state. They are worse than real immigrants who anyway have to work to earn money, no, they claim the “right” – inexistent – to be given money by the State they try to invade and the globalists help them. They have left family behind, have taken the family money to pay the human traffickers and in the end refuse the jobs that regular immigrants do because they claim the right to asylum that means the right to be a scrounger on the welfare state. It’s not only about the low level human traffickers, the high level organizers, George Soros and his main companions must be arrested and in any case these men must be considered invaders, a roman empire or any other empire or regular State would consider them such, so stop calling them migrants: they are wannabe invaders. And the left helps them with globalisation purposes, in Britain now they want to broadcast the friday muslim prayer on the BBC, this is the real aim of the lefty push for mass immigration: to change, to disrupt a State from within – in fact Britons don’t want Britain to become a muslim country and the Left accuses them of racism – therefore they are enemies, not people to help.

Migrants claim Hungarian guards who patrol the razor wire fence along the border with Serbia have unleashed German Shepherd dogs on them and said some had hit them with wooden batons.

Source: Hungarian guards are accused of beating up migrants on Europe’s toughest border | Daily Mail Online

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