Labour announces they won’t block triggering Article 50 but…Theresa May “has no Plan”; The Plan is easy and is this: revert to WTO 3% tariffs and propose easy visa for people with a clean criminal record but without any access to the welfare state. Like Australia. This is the plan, do it.


I hope Theresa May stays british Prime Minister, but she must deliver total full Brexit; she will.

If John Redwood were Prime Minister he would be already in Washington congratulating Trump and Britain would be out of the EU before Christmas, I don’t understand if Theresa May is serious about her not having a plan for Brexit, the plan for Brexit is easy and Labour has announced they won’t block it:

Absorb the EU laws into the british legislation to then amend them one by one, starting with the fishery’s industry rules given that the fishermen gave a heavy hand to win Brexit;

Then communicate to Brussels that you according to your constitutional prerogative withdraw from the EU and the single market reverting to the WTO’s rule of the 3% tariffs and stating that if the european partners wish it, you are glad to remove them back.

As for the freedom of movement you propose not a free movement attached to the welfare state that’s basically what really boosted Brexit, but an easy visa only for the citizens with a clean criminal record that is in no way attached to the benefit system, translated in common rude right wing english: they can come but it’s they who have to pay for the stay in hotel or apartment and the easy visa lasts three months, if a british jobgiver wants to hire them he can but he must not be allowed paying an inferior wage than to a briton if found out employing illegal immigrants or paying an inferior wage than to a briton he must be arrested, they absolutely cannot take money from the welfare state and being Britain sovereign totally again if according to the british law a person is undesirable for any reason he can be removed and repatriated with many thanks. The European Court of Justice and the European High Court of Human Rights stop having any authority of any kind on every british affairs or british territory.

It’s easy. If Theresa May doesn’t do it, appoint Redwood and Rees Mogg if you “don’t want Farage”, apropos I link here a beautiful letter John Redwood wrote on his website to President Donald Trump, far from being “posh” he’s normal respectful and friendly.

Open Letter to Mr. Trump President of the USA

As for Obama I’m looking forward he disappears, he didn’t like Winston Churchill, declared Angela Merkel her closest ally only because she behaved like a magnet for immigrants/scroungers and this after he and Clinton bombed Libya and Syria and de facto caused the refugee crisis: they should be arrested for war crimes, they bombed and they wanted to take the immigrants so they could destroy the East and the West. They were totally NWO he and Merkel I hope their heritage disappears from the West – and possibly also from the East.


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