Let’s talk frankly about the Hate Speech laws: either they are used also against the black, the muslims, the jews and the leftists who call for “rapeTrump’sDaughter” “HangTheFascists” “KillThe Whites” or they must be scrapped totally.


Hate Speech Laws must be truly fair or abolished.

I’m sick, sick more than angry and I’m indifferent, but the entire system set up by Soros and the Left must be dismantled: let’s tak about their hate speech laws, they were never used equally, black, jews, leftists could write Killthefascists rapethisandthan kill the whites and they were never prosecuted, for me the hate speech laws can be abolished. I admit I tend to be indifferent, but if they don’t want to abolish them then they must be applied to the leftists, the blacks and the jews just like they are applied to white christians. And this is a must. We got rid of a system that was intrinsically unjust and that stank; Trump did take the votes of the white suprematists and at the same time took + 5% of the black vote, there was a rejection of Hillary Clinton and the left that was conveyed on Trump, if the choice wasn’t really binary because the candidates were four and not two, it was at a certain point perceived as binary “Either Trump or Clinton” so, I think the problem that Clinton and Obama pretended that the collapse of the border with Mexico was normal, whereas it was pure NWO, was prominent: the President of a Republic, the Prime Minister – like Renzi – the Supreme Court have not the authority to abolish the external borders of the nation, not even if they agree all together, just like the black and the jews did know that the support of the White Suprematists wouldn’t take jobs from the black and the jews who were in Trump’s team: they in a way, were cashed in, in a moment when many people wanted to get rid of an establishment. The establishment at this point, after these elections, has changed.

I want justice and fairness: if these hate speech laws have to be kept, then they must be applied also to black, muslims and jews and leftists who cry they want to kill Trump’s supporters and the “fascists” or for no one. I can tolerate free speech, but if the cries for raping Trump’s daughters are tolerated on twitter then also the right wing leaning hate speech “crimes” must be tolerated. Give me fairness and I’ll be happy. The Left stinks, it must be buried. Because normal people have been on a trial for hate speech for calling “you fat australian” a neighbour, this for people to remember where the left had got, while they felt free to say killthewhites or betterrapedbyarefugeethanhelpedbyaracist: it was unacceptable and they must be punished.

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