Europe’s “liberal” ex-establishment must learn some humility and stop bashing Donald Trump – or face an American backlash. These people are about to be an ex-establishement, we europeans don’t want them.

I am european not american and I can’t stand them, either Mogherini or Juncker, they are not leaders, it is clear that they obey someone, they have no character and they compensate the lack of character, that Donald Trump or Nigel Farage decidedly have, with smugness.

Moreover they’re about to become an ex-establishment: it’s not about the Donald, it’s we europeans who don’t want them and are looking forward to make them fall. It’s they who should study european history…see 1789, 1848, 1860, or the ones they fear more the thirties’s revolutions, Donald knows it better and if he doesn’t he feels it. Also Corbyn understands it, and lately Sadiq Khan came out to reproach the remoaners and they both announced they won’t ditch Brexit.

There is a big question put by these elections2016 and it is no more why Trump won, there’s plenty of reasons why Trump won, but the real question is why Hillary’s clan  – all but Bill and Obama who are real politicians we must say – gave so much for granted that she would win. In the end Donald Trump is not exactly a dog without a bone, they behaved as if they were 100% sure she would win and the day after, on 9th of November they looked like they had been hit by a baseball bat. My nephew told me “Certainly Hillary will win” and I said “No, I think Trump will win” and he said “But, no, she’s given 80% chances of winning”. 80%? By whom? What’s happening? Jared Kushner is a jew and had jewish friends and connections to Israel though the jewish lobby was with Hillary, Newt Greenwich was with him, Ben Carson campaigned for him and Pence represented the christian hardcore America. In reality he was a good candidate and had a good team, gay super-successful entrepreneur Peter Thiel campaigned for him, let’s say it was Hillary and the Left that tried to make them look like a strange team, the team was very american, it was right wing but it was representative of a wide range of american society. I thought the Left was lying to us thinking they were tricking us – I never fell, not after Brexit – but their faces on the day after were like they had tricked themselves too. Even if Obama had said they were too close to call publicly once and Bill wanted to force Hillary to go rallying in the rural areas and she is reported to have laughed at him for that. Laugh all you like, madam, but Bill managed to reach the White House twice and with less donations than you. Hillary laughs too much and always for the wrong things…

Smugness and feeling superior to the adversary or even worse to the people doesn’t pay back neither in America nor here in Europe: we’ll get rid of Juncker and of the EU too. Ask yourselves why.

Is there anything more calculated to make a conservative American’

Source: Europe’s liberal establishment must learn some humility and stop bashing Donald Trump – or face an American backlash

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