This is why we had to do it now, and if we had done it 5 years ago it would have been better, the left had emboldened so much they didn’t accept it’s not they who rule. Go on arrest them all and make them stop. Anti-Trump protestors arrested after activists hurl rocks at cops | World | News | Daily Express

Read the link: honestly, what we did this year we should have done it five years ago and block Obama’s second term, the Left had emboldened so much they refuse to accept a Right wing coalition can win and has the right to rule. Not to accept Trump means not accepting democracy, what they call “minority rights” is as a matter of fact allowing minorities to bully the whites and the christians, and honestly we put an end to something that needed being put an end to. Like the shame of Obama allowing clandestine immigration in the country as if it weren’t illegal. Arrest them all, and arrest their bosses, the ones who pay the professional rioters. Tell me, if the electors really didn’t vote Trump like their states with what authority would Hillary really enter the white house? There wouldn’t be any democracy anymore -which thing these communists just don’t care about -. There’s no second referendum in Britain and Trump is the winner in the USA and what they’re doing now shows we should have won the White House five years ago. Now we’re in time to rescue things, but really they have degenerated. And I can’t stand when they say “protect peace” their Obama/Clinton administration did plenty of bloody wars and Hillary even promised to respond to a cyber attack from Russia with a military action and even that she considered using the nuclear option for the first; but these leftists are really ignorant, or bloody liars, either they don’t know it, because in their “safe spaces at University” they feel upset in reading the real news and spend their life on a sofa in a lounge with a coffee machine that they call “safe space” and professors just take the money of the wage and send them to hell, because even if they try the students don’t want to be taught anything, their rich parents pay and then they hope in a quota job.

Now there is the attack on facebook “Mark Zuckerberg helped Trump”, I can’t say, Facebook was first accused of censoring right-wing leaning pieces of information, now it is accused of helping Trump, certainly Sheryl Sandberg didn’t get the job she has with a quota, let’s say that the leftists are cheap, they can’t debate and hide in the hope of getting jobs they’re not up to by law enforcement. They didn’t want to debate us and we won the same. I tell you something, Readers, people are starting talking openly about the anti-illuminati bloggers and do you know what? They start asking themselves who’s the best, and now it comes out “the best” is Paul Joseph Watson according to many, but what should I do? Complain that they didn’t say me who am a female and that Paul Joseph is white straight male? Life is this, and we are not going to be ruled by safe-spaced handicapped and ignorant idiots who are given a university degree because their parents buy them and don’t even know that Hillary bombed Libya ’cause “to read the News hurts”.

Go on arrest them, make them stop and particularly, arrest the bosses who organize them and pay the professional rioters.

AT LEAST seven people have been arrested in Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s home state after anti-Trump protestors hurled rocks and bottles at officers.

Source: Anti-Trump protestors arrested after activists hurl rocks at cops | World | News | Daily Express

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  1. Right to rule! In 2016 we still accept monarchies and “democratic” rulers.
    Trump is the new “ruler” so the “order followers” will do their job.
    Lets see if this new ruler is a warmonger like that witch and her boss Obumer


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