This is why the polls were wrong: people who said plainly they voted Trump got beaten by black mobs; the lefty protestors protest with a gun, ergo Right wing parties must take over the entire West and arrest and punish all these people. From the marxist professors who incite them to the violent ones.

Vicious black “anti-racist” mob complete with woman beat Trump voter, this is the poor oppressed black people american police have to do with: thugs who know nothing about Democracy and cannot get a good job without quotas, who would want them in a firm?

Protestor with a gun shoots at anti-Trump rally link

So, for a Netanyahu who says Trump is a friend of his and of Israel’s and a Abu Mazen who hopes in him for the peace process and even an Assad who says let’s see if he’s good for Syria, there are black people who say he’s like Hitler, Hitler being probably just a comparison term at this point. But all these people who are truly illiterate are filled with these ideas by marxist university professors who invented the race and gender studies, in the american universities they’re offering safe spaces for consoling the vulnarable students for Trump’s victory and worst of all they seem to be serious and not hilarius: the mob above is a good solution to the question “why were the polls so wrong?”. People didn’t say they voted Trump for physical fear: I’m even more glad that he won after seeing this than I was yesterday, and now honestly Hofer and Strache must take over Austria, the black who don’t behave civilly must be accused and arrested without anyone saying it’s the police’s fault; it’s not the police’s fault. But now Trump and Giuliani can put everything back in order and they must. After what we did to make them win, it’s the minimum they owe us: they know they didn’t pay me, and many right wing and libertarian editors did strenuously electoral campaign for him without taking a penny, neither by him nor by Putin as the leftists hinted. But now we want security, justice and meritocracy. Honestly also the black who wanted to vote Trump had troubles, but Trump managed to take +5% of the black vote: we’re all together against these rioters and the “snowflakes” who don’t want to be contradicted “because it hurts”. I don’t think it hurts more than a violent mob: what game are they playing? God Bless Trump: I don’t want to even hear the word “resignation”, the Right is here to stay, for freedom of speech and security. And the next must be Hofer President in Austria and the fall of the Renzi-Alfano pro-immigration government. Obviously stop Frontex, as you can see when the immigrants or the black do something violent we condemn them but the lefty press shuts up, the leftists must be wiped out of our countries and press and media must tell the truth.

This intimidation must end, when Zuckerberg published the letter in support of Thiel stating that he wouldn’t sack anyone one could feel that even Zuckerberg, who’s man of a great position – try and boycott facebook, you leftists: to boycott facebook being the first case in history where to boycott the enemy turns up into boycotting yourself – well, the impression is that even Zuckerberg felt somewhat the breath of the enemy on his neck, no matter that he personally supported Hillary, it was evident there was mobbing and intimidation against Trump’s supporters.


The letter: there is something quick, but also “dry” in this letter that gave me the impression that even Zuckerberg, who supported Hillary, felt the situation as a form of intimidation; let us not forget that not only right-wing totalitarianism existed as fascism and nazism, but also left-wing totalitarianism existed and brought to real Communism in the names of the rights of the oppressed – back then it was the workers – and destroyed eastern Europe.

All this is over, because we won, we did campaign for Trump from Italy, me, Sweden, RedIce, Britain and finally also obviously the USA, now we want to reap what we seeded: we want free speech, end of mass immigration and security. Wall or not wall all the illegal immigrants must be deported and entrepreneurs who pay the money for their employees’s wages must be free to hire whom they like without any quotas; who would give a job to those thugs who beat the Trump’s voter? Who would give a top job to a woman who wants three days each month as menstruation leave? Black and women can do perfectly many jobs and top jobs included, like Theresa May or like  Ben Carson – ça va sans dire, Ben, don’t be offended I’m trying to explain it to the leftists certainly not to you- but we must earn it just like the white straight males. The era of the Left is over, Trump, put things in order. We know why we voted/promoted you and we did right indeed.

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