If Trump is like Hitler, why is Benjamin Netanyahu among the first to congratulate him and calls him a great friend? And please don’t say it…I know what you’re thinking. Admit it: the leftists used to consider themselves the “country” and not just the left, someone had to put them back in their place: the dustbin of History like Communism.

Come on, Trump is just a right wing leader and has nothing to do with totalitarianism, it was the Left that had gone totalitarian, at a certain point the leftists started talking as if the lefty press were “the press”, the lefty values, like being pro LGBT, pro-immigration were the values of the country, while they knew many of us couldn’t stand them, basically they tried to sell themselves and their party as the country and not just the lefty part of it, someone had to put them back in their place, the dustbin of history together with communism, I understood they were commies when they said that the borders of a nation were immoral, it’s the same as when they said that private property was immoral, or when they said that an entrepreneur should be forced to give jobs to women and minorities or even transexuals against his will and independently from the curriculum of the minority man or woman etc. which thing many right wing women, like me, and black refused. Now it’s again the last stand: the Nazi, and Netanyahu saying Trump is a great friend? Of his and of Israel’s? What are you going to say? That Israel is nazi too? Which thing according to your own rules should make you be expelled from the Labour party.  You were never “the country” You lost to the Right and you must accept it. We won by luck and we’ll make the West a wonderful place where to live again. A land of freedom.

BENJAMIN NETANYAHU has hailed Donald Trump as a great friend of Israel in a congratulatory statement to the President-elect.

Source: Donald Trump congratulated on victory by Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu | World | News | Daily Express

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