If I were a Left-wing Editor I would get very angry at Hillary Clinton: they lost their reputation going after her and she didn’t do half of the work she had to do.


The “authority” of the traditional press is over. Swept away by this elections. It is clear now they follow us internet editors and don’t lead anyone anymore.

Alex Jones said she was ill, other people said she was smug, others she was lazy; in the end what comes out it’s a person who refused going to rally and delivering speeches in many places, where she had been invited by people who intended to support her, basically because she had calculated coldly that she didn’t need it to win, so the white catholics, the rural areas, the workers were all let down because with her small cold calculator in her wicked mind she had already reached the number needed to win with the hispanics the black, the women and the smugs in the city areas, moreover hispanics and blacks voted her less than they had voted the democratic candidate in the previous elections -5% among black voters and -2% among the hispanics – wall or not wall – there was a wall among the people and Hillary Clinton; she was, they say, busy organizing the theatre-piece with herself braking a real glass ceiling with shark-shaped confetti, while all the left-wing editors were sweating to work to push her. I’d get very angry with her if I were a left-wing editor, they have remained without the political and social “authority” they had before the Clinton campaign, like the so called “experts” experts of nothing, as it happened with Brexit and after Brexit it’s two times that the supposed experts say nonsense, but maybe  they lied, because Hillary cancelled the fireworks she had ordered for the party on the election night one week before the election day which means she might have had other polls, the real ones. Maybe. Now, as the Zohar, the basic book of the Kabbalah, says: “The dogs have stopped barking”.

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