Why don’t the French stop saying “Send the immigrants to England”? Send them to Africa instead, they’re not british. and you voted for the socialists, the Britons voted Tories. Take your political responsibility, now, you could have voted LePen.

I’ll be brief, but I’ll be clear. The french make me sick, they vote for the socialists instead of voting LePen and then want to “send the immigrants to England” well, not only these immigrants are not Britons that you can send them to England, you could have voted right wing and now you wouldn’t be in this mess, the Britons voted Tories and Brexit, and the americans voted Trump, why do you think we spend time promoting right wing candidates and parties? Because the leftists are obsessive with immigration. Take the political responsibility of your own actions: Britain is off limits.

Moreover these immigrants are africans, so send them back to Africa. Tell Hollande and Valls to call the leaders of the african countries and bring them back there like Trump promised the americans, the power of Soros and the globalists is over, we are right wing for this reason, you must stop voting socialist and deal with your own political decisions. I don’t see anything “fine” in voting for that horse of Anne Hidalgo. Do you feel fine? Delicate? Vote LePen instead, don’t you dare and say again you want to send the immigrants to another european nation.

THE first official refugee camp in the history of Paris today opened its doors – prompting fears it will become a magnet for thousands of UK bound migrants.

Source: Migrant camp in Paris opens its doors despite locals discontent | World | News | Daily Express

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