WE ARE THE ESTABLISHMENT NOW. And we know what to do with all these leftists who broke the immigration law. Soros and the boss of the immigration-law-breaking organizations must be arrested, the rest will die away.

It’s useless to look at the crowd, the crowd is just a crowd, we have won and now we control the Army, the Police, we put the judges in the High Court – as a MailOnLine reader commented on Trump’s victory with referral to the slowing down of Brexit by the Justices of Britain “try and undo this, now”. No, they won’t undo this.

Basically, we are the new establishment and honestly we want now: Peace with Russia, Assange, who in my opinion is not a rapist and I say it a bit trembling because I am a woman, but as a political animal I see he was kind of trapped for wikileaks, well we want Assange and Snowden safe in the West, with all respect and many thanks to Putin – for protecting Snowden who ‘s a man of ours – with whom we want peace and trade and good relationships of distension.

Let’s go back to the crowd, they are scared of me and of real free speech, because they didn’t admit the falling down of the left is their fault, they wanted:

to outlaw the national flag as a sign of racism;

to change the national anthem, ’cause for them is racist;

to abolish the national borders.

It’s obvious that these traitors wanted to abolish the Nation, and in fact they are manipulated by Soros, Rothschild, the Goldman Sachs, the Fed that are globalist evil forces. We didn’t want to abolish the Nation and we won. In Europe the EU has just outlawed the commemoration of the dead of the WWI inside the same scheme of abolishing national identity and now offers useless EU double nationality to the remainers to have spies, like Israel, inside the british nation and state machine; but first of all, the EU passport doesn’t exist without a nation-state being a member of the EU, second, if Britain does not accept any double nationality EU-Britain, and it obviously won’t, all these remoaners can emigrate to France. But they won’t because Britain, being already more independent from the EU than France is also better off. And it’ll be much richer after cutting completely the ties which will happen, I think, in December ’cause the MPs will accept May’s hard Brexit’s proposal not to lose the seat in the Parliament that, saying yes to the Brexit, would be granted for them other four years.

So what to do with the crowd?

Arrest their bosses: Soros, father and son, and possibly the Rothschilds involved into breaking – and they did – and inciting to breaking the immigration law.

The immigration law is a law, and it’s useless that the leftists pretend it isn’t, Soros is clearly deep inside with his Open Society Foundation and the other organizations that under the name of “charity” have paid people to smuggle illegal immigrants to Europe and USA. To deal with the crowd is a police job and it is also quite easy, apropos have you seen that Trump already called Giuliani for a top job? That’s great, everybody can remember how Rudy Giuliani uses the police. But the big thing is more subtle: no one likes Soros and his son, not even the lefty activistis, most of them they are totally unaware that it is these jewish billionaires who organize the big smuggling of people here, this means that when you arrest Soros and Rothschild also the leftists will cheer and there won’t be any crowd defending them in the streets: do not pardon the crimes against the immigration law and the integrity of the Nation, to deport only the illegal immigrants is not enough because the illegal immigrants were lured by Soros into attempting the journey, we must deport the illegals, but the rich billionaires who organized the smuggling the Ayn Rand foundation – jews who organized smuggling people to Europe as a “charity” – and George Soros he himself and his son they must be punished more. You arrest Soros and the Ayn Rand foundation people and eventually also Rothshcild and

  1. No one would riot in the streets to defend them.
  2. The refugee crisis is over, to never come back again.
  3. The lefty movements would dry up of money and would disappear without a broken window.

With Soros, Rothschild and the Ayn Rand foundation we will get rid also of the gender, because it’s these very same people who promote also this disgusting thing.

Trump, now you get there and do it.

Bodyguards of Trump, you are the real heros, defend the President and the Nation. I have a penchant for bodyguards, without you we wouldn’t be able to protect our representatives.

If I could I would give you a plate of sweets to thank you – because in Southern Italy we always give sweets as a present to thank people and this is no corruption.


As if it were done.

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  1. Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore, Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

    Getting back to this… this is how Trump can go about making America great again. Something tells me it will not happen.


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