The former establishment wanted another Bush-Clinton fake race, that is two puppets of the Trilateral Commission, if they had accepted Bush-Sanders probably Infowars would have stayed with Sanders and the protest would go to the Left, they didn’t, and the protest went to the Right. Now all the rioters can go to sleep, we had a binary choice and Trump was supported both by rich gays and white suprematists.


Peter Thiel supported Trump and the totalitarian Left had asked Zuckerberg to sack him. We had to support Trump to prevent the left becoming totalitarian.

The Protest vote went to the Right, it is true, if the Democrats had candidated Sanders it would probably go to the Left, not only, remember that in the end the Bushes didn’t bother to support any other candidate in the Republican Party than their own child, leaving Rubio or Ted Cruz alone and Trump won. In any case Rubio and Cruz would have put an end to clandestine immigration too no matter their spanish sounding names and this is good for everybody to know.


The former establishment now is rioting and shouting, together with lady gaga and all the most blatantly luciferian actresses and singers in Hollywood, an embarrassing Madonna and a Cher ridiculous in her new outfit, looks like a witch, as ridiculous are the women with the banner “choose love not hate” at a riot.

Why did the protest vote go to the Right? Because the Left refused the anti-Goldman Sachs candidate: they wanted another Bush-Clinton race convinced that controlling the media – which they don’t really control because the media now is internet – they would make it swallow again in the throats of the reluctant people, and that would have been really unacceptable, it would have been an insult to all the americans with another family name; Bush fell, Clinton didn’t. With a Bush-Sanders campaign the protest vote would have gone to the Left, with a Trump-Clinton it went to the Right.

Now who voted Donald Trump? White suprematists and rich gays, super-christians and soldiers, the “white without a degree” that means the workers.

Remember Readers, the choice was binary, in the end you could choose only between Clinton or Trump, it’s not that 60 millions voters have 60 millions possibilities. It’s like Brexit-non Brexit; Brexit or the EU? Brexit. As a person who won twice, I supported both Brexit and Trump, I would like to explain one thing, if I who am against gay weddings and Peter Thiel who’s openly gay both supported Trump, Trump will probably give back freedom of speech and freedom of choice which the leftists, turned totalitarian, had actually removed only because they won twice, the two Obama’s terms, I know gays who are ashamed of the gay cake trial, because honestly the gay community without freedom of speech wouldn’t have got anywhere, they used freedom of speech when it was scandalous to be openly gay so they cannot be against freedom of speech honestly – no one can be against freedom of speech honestly btw -.

I would like you to remember that the Aida in Britain was prohibited by the british leftists on the base that it was “racist” and why? Aida in reality talks about a racially mixed love and Verdi is blatantly on the side of the lovers; well, your british leftists managed to prohibit the Aida because they said that there were white actors playing the egyptians and this was cultural appropriation and actually want a law that says that if you have to put up a theatre piece the part of the egyptians should be given to real egyptians, like saying Cleopatra shouldn’t have been interpreted by Elizabeth Taylor and Mark Anthony by Richard Burton because they’re not really egyptian and roman. Now, excuse me, we had to stop you. For me, either you go to sleep or they must arrest you, we cannot let you govern or let you do, you’re drunk. Get over it. I can see how many racists are rising in fact I can hear the Aida’a chorus, you know.

The leftists have to admit that they had gone totalitarian about racism and gender. We did right to stop them, the very fact that they wanted Zuckerberg to sack Thiel for supporting Trump convinced many people that we had to stop them now. Like all totalitarians they repeat slogans like robots and give the impression not to understand really what they’re saying “choose love not hate kill Trump” they may not have realized it, but they had to be stopped the same and they must realize it now.

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