Donald, you are the Leader of the establishment; try to use all this power well and pray. May God bless you and guide you. You don’t abandon us and we’ll never abandon you.


Donald Trump Victorious President of the USA

God will not abandon you if you don’t abandon him. I don’t know precisely what to say about him, about Trump, the winner, I know what to say about Snowden, about Assange, about Soros and Rothschild but about Donald J. Trump I just can’t say: it’s different. Some people said he was a fraud, he was smoke and mirror to trick the anti-illuminati forces, he’s a false flag some hinted, but he fought with such an energy against the illuminati globalist power that I said”I don’t believe it, no one would do this with the illuminati on his side, they treated him with too much contempt” then Alex Jones said: “Donald Trump is for real”. If he’s for real or not he’ll show us, and we’ll know.

We must pray and not only for Trump and the powerful people to be enlightened by God and do the right thing, but for all us human beings for all of us must do the right thing, God loves us all. Trump and Pence must be Leaders for God’s plan in Europe and America and also the rest of the world to be put in action. We bloggers and journalists and opinion leaders and opinion makers and the whites and blacks of every condition who have believed that Trump is for real will not, will never abandon him if he doesn’t let us down and he won’t.

Hail Mister President, and also Pence the vice-president, I realize I haven’t talked much about him but in this situation we focused on Trump and the candidate of the democrats. Ok. Do right and pray.  God is greater than  any plotters. Than  any demons, than anything. In God we trust.

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