The club is ours. Julian, we have won the Presidency of the USA.


Julian Assange at the window of the ecuadorian embassy. And the winner is…

Julian Assange and Edward Snowedn are among the winners, the King makers, now we want them free and we want cleanness in the American state machine.

Trump, Donald, forgive me this first post if it’s not about you, but I just don’t know which article in the press to read first and you haven’t done the speech yet, many photographs of you will come out.

We won. We the patriots, the Steve Pieckzenik, the Julian Assange, the Edward Snowden, the Alex Jones. The western christians that the jewish globalists had told us: “We’ll replace you with the asians and the africans”.

Replace me, with the asians and the africans, come here and try to replace me.

Fuck off Clinton, Soros, Rothschild: we are stronger than you, stronger than the illuminati, bigger than the jewish lobby; the club, see guys, is ours.

And that’s the way I like it.

This is my song for us Donald:


A bit difficult to replace me, you know.

Nevermore a divided West, next stop Austria and Italy on the fourth of December.

You, you know who you are, now take it in the bottom.

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