Roy, you must know I haven’t got it against you and the Black you have nothing against us. The Black Lives Matter going after Soros had made it difficult. They had made it difficult for you too.


The White West has won, but this is a good thing for all, not only for us.

We have won and it’s also a white victory against the marxist jews and the Black Lives Matter, but I have also to say that I admire the honourable black people who never had anything against us, and I know that the Black Lives Matter going after George Soros had made it difficult for you too, not just for us. This is the beginning of a landslide victory all across the world. And it’s a good thing. We have been told in the face that we white westerners had to be removed, replaced, humiliated and even white women raped “to pay the sins of the holocaust” I know it’s not you but the Black Lives Matter obeyed to their jewish donor, and so we had to fight.


Disgusting rabbi, fuck off, you lost. And don’t mess around with us.

Roy, tell the other black not to be manipulated by the jews. If they want to listen they listen, if they don’t, we won’t say sorry.

So now leftists, jews, minorities, don’t fool us around,

We italians, in the end, have always liked America.

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