True America has won. The America of the fight, of the unpredictablity of the working class’s self confidence of the “this country wasn’t built by men in a suit”. Goldman Sachs has lost and America has won, and if the germans don’t understand this, well the germans don’t understand many things…

After the lies of Obama about “muslims  – not christians – built the ‘very fabric’ of our nation” only because he’s a fucking muslim and a liar who didn’t have the courage to reveal his true religion in the electoral campaign to cheat the citizens, I may understand if the jews reclaimed a place in America’s history, like Levi of the jeans, but to say the “muslims” built the fabric of America is a lie that tells you alone what Obama really is, then the insult to the “white ignorant”, the ones who did the independence war against an empire, the british, that wanted to impose them taxes but no MPs in the parliament and to the black soldiers treated contemptuously while every black criminal is treated like hero – by the leftists not by us – and they fuck them off too. I like America. Go forth.


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