Prince Harry, if you want to be happy you must use the surname.You’ll never be happy as Henry Charles Albert David…and stop, you must add Wales – or eventually Mountbatten-Windsor – Video –


As a christian kabalarian I give advices. My kabbalah is the kabbalah that roots in Saint John the Evangelist and author of the Apocalypse and it is not esoteric or related to the occult.

I did an enquiry, ’cause I can’t see Prince Harry with that sad look upon his face, that beard, that super-tired-resigned air and…I found obviously the solution:

I am as you know a christian kabalarian and I checked Harry’s names, here’s why there is so much difference between now and a couple of years ago: till he worked or went to school he had to use a surname usually “Wales” and his name was:

Forename(s) and surname Henry Charles Albert David Wales

First name/Last name Henry Wales.

Well, these names, particularly the first combination give a lot of strength; the first

Henry Charles Albert David Wales makes, out of kabalah, 6 in total and another healthy 6 in the “soul number” the number six is a number that gives health and social decisional power other than stability, not only, often in the names that are a combination of 66 like Harry’s full name with the last name Wales there is the social characteristic “you have the final say on things” while in other less powerful six this characteristic becomes “you take decision on behalf of others”. This is a spectacular combination, particularly liked by the kabalarians of Vancouver.

The First name/Last name combination Henry Wales makes 4-11 it’s less powerful than 66 – don’t worry it’s not near the 666 of the beast, it’s a good number as for I know, the 666 of the beast I personally am not yet in condition to calculate it for reasons that now I haven’t got time to go into detail, moreover it should be done in greek, so for now let’s go – well, I was saying that the number 4 of Henry Wales makes you a hard worker, while the soul number 11 – soul number is considered the sum of the only vowels – makes you highly idealistic, though it is socially less powerful than the previous 6-6.

The alternative combination with the last name Mountbatten-Windsor

Henry Charles Albert David Mountbatten Windsor makes 4-3, being three the number of the people who are cheerful in company.

While Henry Mountbatten-Windsor would make 2-8, 2 is the number of the people who connect other people, while 8 is the number of the entrepreneurs, but it’s the full name that prevails and gives the print to life.

What’s to be avoided is precisely not having any of the two surnames because your only forenames: Henry Charles Albert David make a double 9, 9 the total number and 9 the soul number, it makes people very generous but suffering and experiencing losses. It is advisable that you cap your forenames with a sturdy last name because, while the forenames have also a valor alone it’s always the full name that prevails, so you wouldn’t become selfish from generous but you wouldn’t experience losses, would be healthier and would be able to take decisions and would have a superior level of social power, social real power, not social power bla bla, if you see what I mean.

For more details you can check the various combinations on the website or also, but it is less practical and more speculative

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