Trump and the People of America Vs Soros and the Globalists.This is tough talking, Trump attacks Soros and the Globalists without the mask: He’s our man – Video –

Trump is our man, look at the video, the video even shows the face of George Soros as an enemy, Soros the man who organized the refugee crisis, the bankruptcy of countries, who claims there are too many whites in America, who organized and paid for the Black Lives Matter. And he’s accused frontally, without the mask: Trump must win and Soros and the globalists must be defeated. Vote Trump And Make the world safe again.

After three war mongers, Bush, Bush, Obama/Clinton, after the wars, deeply unjust, against Iraq, Libya and now the attempted coup in Syria, because this is what the attempt to remove Assad blatantly is, choose Peace, choose Justice, choose the end of the Soros-organized refugee crisis – Make the world safe again. Obama talks as if he were a man of peace but he did destroy Libya and, doing so, put in danger Europe.

Vote Donald J. Trump

If I were american

I would.

Paola Menella Distilo

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