The double nationality must be abolished: Israel is not a part of the USA. Exclusive: Trump Beats Clinton in Israeli Absentee-voter Exit Poll » Alex Jones- 

Independently from whom they vote, Israel is not a state of the United States of America and the israeli citizens must vote only in Israel and be banned from having jobs in the state machine of the other countries. These people did 9/11 and are loyal to the jewish state, moreover it is unjust and unacceptable that while the jews can have the double nationality Israel+ another the non jews in Israel are treated like pariah and are refused political rights. This situation must end for basic justice, if they are Israelis they must be only Israelis, so they may end bullying around and may become a normal country. The entire Middle East was upset by this double nationality connection that has brought to infinite bombings and attacks by the americans against the other states surrounding Israel through the operations of the double nationals and without telling the truth to the americans about the real reasons of all these bombings and this military focus on the Middle East. This must end and the double nationals who did 9/11 must be processed and arrested. God give us Justice.

Total number of votes coming from Israel significantly lower than voter turnout in 2012, which some attribute to candidates running.

Source: Exclusive: Trump Beats Clinton in Israeli Absentee-voter Exit Poll » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

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