The Butler says they are in love. I believe butlers know many things, but Harry/David, like this, risks to do the same mistake as Edward/David.


Prince Haryy “besotted”

Harry is called also David, like Edward, who lost the throne for a divorcee; will this happen again? He’s not the heir to the throne so it’s less important, the heir to the throne married one who’s called Elizabeth other than Catherine. The butler informed us that they are truly in love and didn’t spare us the weird word “besotted”; “Besotted & Smitten” seems the name of a wallpaper company like Osborne & Little, but it’s instead the way they call the feelings ultra-rich or peculiarly powerful people feel for the one they might marry, once I read a column by the Mail On Line when Nat Rothschild was presumably “smitten” at a strip-teaser. Well he might have been very smitten, the girl was shocking and flaunting breasts I  never understood if the Daily Mail was being ironical; according to my italian judgement “smitten & besotted” is when he’s rich.


Lately Harry is smitten & co. with this woman. He’ll end up either:

  1. Like his ancestor Edward who had, like him, “David” among his middle names.
  2. The girl will have the previous marriage declared null and will become Princess and ambassador for Britain.
  3. He’ll leave her basically at the altar like she ended up in a movie she had a role in.
  4. This is the worst, the darkest prediction: the Illuminati kill William, Harry becomes King waiting for George to grow up, marries Catherine like his other ancestor Harry who married the widow of his brother Arthur, and William has Arthur among his middle names btw, that was called also Catherine, then leaves her…but… There are no convents where to close Catherine.

This is just waiting for Brexit. …

5 It’ll be a totally new story.

I would like to add a postilla about the gossip “Harry likes Kate and he’s running away to look for a Kate Middleton’s lookalike”, first, Meghan is not a Kate  Middleton’s lookalike, she just has dark hair instead of blond; second, if Harry is smitten with a woman he’s not supposed to, eventually Kate or another married woman, he has to realize that after thirty this is normal and it doesn’t make him a monster, because it happens around thirty/thirty-two that we realize that the world where everybody was unmarried is over, we were used in our twenties, not to mention the teens that we were all unmarried so to like a married person was very limited to those “strange” girls who, at twenty, liked a forty years old, the almost totality of us liked in a shift of age that was quite homogenous, this shift of age remains the same; only, after thirty some people happen to be married so the paradise of the free hunt is over, and at forty people get even used to it: not used to adultery, but used to the fact that you may like a person and that person is already married, it’s even frequent, this does not justify adultery but certainly does not make people be all a bunch of monsters otherwise the human being on average should be such. Harry might have noticed it because it might be the first time in fact he’s thirty-two, the right age when these things start happening, for the rest I don’t think he’s smitten at Kate Middleton, love is quick, you don’t really fall in love after ten years you know someone, if you do, it’s after ten minutes, the rest is self deception when one needs a psychological cushion and says “we were friends and now we’re in love” No, you’re not. Love is not such a cold slow engine, that is only the second choice to have something to do. Love is like a thunder: you see the lightening in the sky and after 7 seconds the thunder. It is proven that the friendships, the relationships define themselves in the first ten words people exchange.

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