FIFA war on the Poppies is just another sign of the battle Globalists Vs. Nationalists: they don’t accept that we love our countries and we want to improve ourselves developing not cancelling ourselves and we respect our ancestors too.


There’s very little to say about the FIFA war on the poppies: it’s a part of the globalists’s war against national identity and history, they want to cancel history to better cancel national identity and they are extremists, they want to erase the very remembrance of it, this is why I am an extremist too, you may think I’m bad for it or that I’m worse than you if you’re still a moderate, well, you’ll realize I just saw them more quickly than you and realized what they were doing one day before, instead of one day after. It’s the same for Israel and the jewish double nationals who vote Hillary in America and against taking immigrants or refugees in Israel, they build the wall in Israel and criticize – better said: call nazi – Trump for building the wall with Mexico and it’s the same people, since I vote only in Italy, I support Trump and Brexit but I vote only in one country: they vote here and there and we hate them. Can you go and vote in Israel btw? If you’re not jews? Can the palestinians even vote in Israel? No, but they can vote in two countries and are nauseating enough to vote right wing in one – Netanyahu ultra-wins – and left wing pro-immigration – aka Hillary – in America. You will agree with me tomorrow, if you don’t already agree with me today. On a website I saw the screenshots of the same Anti Defamation League’s website that was pro-taking immigrants in Europe and in another article praised Netanyahu for building the wall with Jordan to stop refugees, that they call regularly terrorists, reaching Israel, here if you call the muslims terrorists the same jews say you’re islamophobe…ah aha ah.

Why do people think the jews are double faced? The screenshots above are from the website of the World Jewish Congress. All the zionist websites are like this, pro immigration to Europe, say Trump is racist and pro wall and against making non jewish people vote in Israel, because Israel should be all jewish, but they the jews want the right to vote anti-nationalist parties in our countries and nationalist parties in zion.

Apart from the fact that Mexico is a civilized country and so the USA, I don’t believe in the need of a physical wall, mexican and US authorities can find an agreement and control bilaterally the boundary line and if the authorities don’t want anyone to cross illegally the border no one will. But let’s go back to us and to the poppies: the zionists have organized the destruction of all nations but their (supposed) own – Israel  – Forza Palestine therefore – through their associations and freemasonry and pretty much every over-national institution from the Vatican to FIFA; we don’t want to destroy the nations, we dont’ want Italy to be destroyed and so England, we want nations to be friends not destroyed, but FIFA is part of the globalist strategy, the President of FIFA is a black woman probably put there just as such; is she an expert of soccer? Really? She’s not even sporty, she is only “female & black” they had to choose whether to give her a nobel prize or a FIFA presidency and they chose the latter.

The veterans want prince William, their future King, to stand for them. There’s very much at stake, there’s everything at stake. Because they are extremists, integralists, they want to integrate everything under their no-border no-nation umbrella: this is why we support Trump, Brexit, the poppies and the abolition of the double nationality. The globalist fight is worldwide, but also we are worldwide. And we’re friends, we’re not enemies because we’re nationalists, and that’s a new thing that makes us invincible.


Be careful about the wording: “People still doubt Israel’s right to exist” which is the jewish mantra, but do you know what they mean really? they mean right to exist as a state for the jews only, they mean the right to exclude the palestinians from  offices and from politics, this is why people don’t understand why they insist with this wording, as if we wanted them back btw, in reality if they dropped the double nationality they might have a shred of right, but they intend to go on like this: they should be free to vote, make politics up to Secretary of State in other countries being in the Pentagon, in the highest offices but President probably and at the same time being israelis while the others, the non-jews, should stay away from Israel’s state offices, politics etc. This is the jewish-israeli sense of justice, fairness, balance. And they claim about…antisemitism. Wake up world. Now.

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