At this point I believe Obama is not a westerner, he must be african, and I’m not joking, he and a sort of half chinese/hawaiian woman who describes herself as a non-documented “citizen” tell illegal immigrants to vote because they won’t be found out. – Shocking Video –

These people do not share anything of our culture, don’t understand our words, talk like an african and a sort of half chinese/hawaiian woman about voting without having the nationality because illegal immigrants contribute to the country and Obama the banana President says yes, go and vote you won’t be found out. I believe at this point he is really a kenyote and not an american and he must really have been himself an illegal immigrant.

For us westerners, this is shocking:

You leftists, western leftists, ask yourselves why in Africa and Asia things go so wrong: even though they have been living in western countries for years, they don’t understand anything about constitutions, laws and the entity of the State.

obama-v-boris-johnson Boris, he’s not half kenyote, he is kenyote all the way. Someone stop them and rescue America. God, plesse, not the end of the West like this…

And, apropos, we are… racist? But have you heard what they say?

The woman must be deported, she, Obama and all the illegals. They are simply not up to our civilization. At this point I am a birthist, I can believe his certificate of birth is fake: any real westerner would feel ashamed of uttering anything of the kind, they are blatantly non westerners and haven’t grown up in the West. And I’m not talking about Eton. He’s african.



At this point, when they say that Trump is “unqualified”, I believe that they have learnt by heart the word “unqualified” and repeat it. I seriously doubt they know what it means.

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