Americans, think well about what you’re doing, you have to choose between the banana Republic where “undocumented citizens” aka illegal immigrants can vote, the crooked Hillary and the banksters who make you pay their sins or…Civilization.


Trump promises to make America great again, after the assertions of Obama about illegal immigrants’s “vote” it would be enough to make it normal again

Civilization is Trump. Trump is really there to protect civilization, the Democrats Hillary and Obama don’t want it because according to our civilization Hillary should end up in jail and Obama shouldn’t have been president and I think, the crooked establishment wanted them because they couldn’t come out clean and would, therefore, obey. The last shock, Obama telling an illegal immigrant who put face powder over reality and calls herself “undocumented citizen” that she can vote on the noble base that “she won’t be found out” is the tombstone on western civilization, and he and she, the illegals, talk like this in front of millions of viewers because they’re not even at the height to understand what they’re saying. The hawaiian and the kenyote want the “right” to go around countries and vote here and there, at least the jews know that, to vote, they must have the nationality, this is a oh my dear situation: they are not normal. He’s a kenyote I bet ten pounds, kenyote really, because westerners don’t talk like this, I mean, a crooked westerner would even try to trick the system but not saying this on television as if he didn’t even know it is against the rule of law or worse as if, in his african mind, thought it doesn’t count. You can hold your nose and vote Trump, I don’t need to hold my nose, but Obama is the end of western civilization and Hillary is corrupted, if you want to restore western civilization you must vote Trump. Trump is the one who resisted the fight, the one who’s there, he knows all these things and decided to save/rescue America, he did it with what he’s got. If nothing else, he’s got the balls.

Be careful, citizens, because at this point you must have understood that the Democrats are a bunch of liars who consider normal breaking the law. I’m sorry for Hillary, I didn’t dislike her that much till a couple of years ago, but she, at least, must understand.

For the people who may not get it: if the people who are not citizens of a country could vote, illegal immigrants cross the borders and just vote, the country would stop existing.

Paola Menella Distilo

Categories: Trumpissimus

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