UN makes me sick “there are 65.3 millions refugees” they say, and what do they want? I don’t take anyone if I cannot rule.


Pope Francis and Filippo Grandi UN commissioner for the refugees, it’s two disgusting masons who want to use the refugees to destroy our countries and take the power for their institutions, the Vatican and the UN, say NO. Imperialism is better: either we rule in Africa and over the refugees’s lives or we don’t pay for muslims and foreigners to settle in our lands. End of.

The rule is very simple: either they let us rule Africa, or we don’t take any refugees. Taking people and letting the UN masons rule is out of the question, basically. I am disgusted at the UN, of course imperialism was better. Muslims who set up rules in our countries and the UN is of course on their side, they are poor, they are unfortunate: we rule over them or if we cannot rule over them we don’t take anyone. They have a shitty culture that they bring with themselves transforming into ghettos and third world the best towns of Europe or wherever else they settle. It’s the UN that’s wrong. The imperialists were the best, get rid of the jewish lobby, ’cause this is it, and go back normal.

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