Sweden is turning like Southern Italy with Mafia: the cops arrest the criminals, but the judges…the day after release them and block justice. Resignation of police officers in Sweden has become a case.

When I read this article, an interview to a swedish cop who resigned, I saw the situation in Southern Italy: while the authorities talk about fighting against mafia, in reality the judges release the mafiosi arrested by the carabinieri or police officers after a couple of days with technical excuses. And justice is… suspended.

It’s obviously done on purpose, I believe freemasonry does target the judges for the recruiting, for they care a lot about getting protected when they do innumerous illegal things or having their faithful mafia mobsters or muslim hardliners released. We’re all going to vote for the anti-system parties ’cause the system is infected with mafia, out of metaphor. The fact that they talk about “human rights” makes them only worse. Like Hillary is worse than Trump because she’s more “system”, so much that Bush votes for her. And the fact that the Bush clan votes for her is not a good sign, then you can do what you like and say that Trump is the same and Grillo or the Right are the same or the Sweden Democrats are the same, but they’re not and I want to give them a chance and I’m asking you to give them a chance. In the end, Hillary or the “socialists” you know them they have been there since a long time, LePen, Ekeroth and Akesson or Trump have never governed and they just cannot be worse.

“In my role as a police officer I betray you as taxpayers every shift, around the clock, seven days a week,” says Swedish police officer Patrik Nordgren, who has resigned from the police force and comes with strong criticism of the system, which he calls “one big failure.”

Source: – I’m ashamed of the work I do

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