Princess Meghan? And to the stupid mantra “Who in their right mind would marry Harry?” Many women would, the real Harry is very sexy, but the latest version is tired.


Lately Prince Harry looks tired and not happy, I don’t see any besotted-thing

Prince Harry looks tired, more tired than besotted, honestly, the “real” Harry is indeed very sexy, but the latest version looks strangely sad, and it’s not for her mother Diana. Independently from the fact that he may want to marry her, Meghan M., men in love don’t look like this, unless they are in love with another.

Harry is a lionheart, but now looks old and somewhat resigned, the worst gossip is that he’s in love with Kate Middleton and cannot do anything about it, the best is that he misses Chelsea or Cressida, but they didn’t want to marry him, this one is more marriage-prone. My mother told me that men like Harry simply haven’t got only one woman and that the one who marries him must somewhat accept he’ll sleep around. Is it true? I don’t know. Maybe, or maybe not it all depends, your idea your image your definition of love. We may have to accept that the wife of Harry will be a cunning woman who accepts non-for-love betrayal and a pure innocent princess wouldn’t,  and maybe this Meghan is smart enough, what do you want to do in this world that’s falling apart? No one in their right senses wants really to see also the Windsors and their Church of England fall apart, but even the Augsburg did and if they want to save the cows and the farm they must put some effort of their own. Sorry for the comparison with the cows and the farm.

Harry mus stop being “a useless tool of the illuminati” he’s a hunter – and a soldier – he doesn’t really cry for a dead rhino and should stop to pretend, I mean, to defend real ecologist hunt is not like bending the knee in front of an animal and cry or even reach the indian level; have you heard now India wants revenge on the english? – well I’d remind them their indian level is to bend the knee in front of a cow and pray them, idiot I despise you and I don’t give a damn, I’m italian we italians are the original fascists and the others must stop trying to copy us because we italians take it easy, the northern europeans, even worse the germans, take it seriously and do worse. They don’t do it with self irony, I got historical records that Mussolini got scared of Hitler, no matter it’s Hitler who copied him.

The Prince of Wales should defend legal hunt and the army and the Church, otherwise what kind of Prince of Wales is he? He’d be just another rich one, another little starlet boasting about being vegetarian and practicing yoga and then, let’s be clear, we are not all a bunch of vegetarians and the vegetarians must stop judging us so, clean and biologically respectful meat production and regular ecologist hunt must be defended also philosophically not only in practice.

Let’s go back to the marriage, it’s enough to respect the Ten Commandments: if Meghan’s previous marriage can be declared null and void honestly by the Church he can marry her and maybe she’ll be a sticker, but I warn you: I don’t see it happening, I’m not saying I’m a prophetess, no, it’s just those feelings…

As for Charles, he cannot make any Camilla Queen, because Camilla’s marriage is perfectly valid and Diana was deemed unworthy being Queen for her “crazy” behaviour, but she was driven crazy by Charles and Camilla, so if Diana wasn’t worthy being Queen, Camilla is worthy even less. If Charles doesn’t want to be a solitary King he has to accept William and Kate to step in.

Now, the world seems to be falling apart, I wouldn’t ditch the Ten Commandments for a Queen Camilla or a Princess Meghan, and also this gay weddings thing and gay adoption must be abolished. And also yoga must be abolished for it breaks the First Commandment.

Things are not going well and the glass must be rescued before it breaks, once it’s broken you cannot repair it. This is why I support all right wing leaders, against mass immigration and against gay weddings and sunday trading all across the globe. From Strache to Trump, passing for their equivalent around the world. The EU is not christian not even in the least, they do it on purpose to work on sunday morning to show off they’re not our christian Europe and this is why all the europeans must ditch the EU and its jewish obsession with “not being christian” and respecting “minorities” aka the leaders of all minorities, the jews, as a matter of fact, christians, in their wicked jewish minds, should obey the jews…and the other minorities, they are cunning the jews, arent they? We ditch freemasonry instead.

I give you a nice, sexy song about shattered glass, by Britney, yes, because it’s falling apart, like shattered glass, but we must prevent it, if His Majesty wishes.

As for Harry’s look from Lion to sad, I relate it to freemasonry, he must have undergone some strange crypto satanic initiation ritual where they made him renegade Jesus Christ and the baptism promises and he lost strength. Harry is not a hypocrite, they cannot make a hypocrite our of him they can only destroy him or accept the original version.

There are some writers who say that the head of freemasonry is “the brother of the King of England” so Harry should be the first man of this shit, while his brother should be the head of the Church of England, nothing smells more than freemasonry, you have to lie, to pretend, to be a false christian, I think freemasonry is deeply jewish and anti-germanic and Christ does not bless who abandons Him, you cannot be servant of two masters. The real Harry is like this:harry2

Harry, come back.

He has a straight glance. People have to choose what they want to be, you haven’t got to please everybody and freemasonry is shit, it’ll suck your soul away, it detaches you from Christ, no matter whether you think you’re the boss or not, the real boss in there is the devil.

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