Ah, ah, ah, People who want an apology for the “years of Imperialism” make me laugh: Imperialism is the best era for a people, it’s like for a man to be in his thirties.

Imagine an old man of 90 about to die, weak and quite trembling saying: “oh, I’m so sorry for when I was thirty I was such a bad guy.”

Or even, imagine we italians saying “The Romans, the ancient Romans were so bad: they did an empire”. In Italy we shut up for the shame of the comparison because at least we haven’t lost totally our brain: we still reason.

In India they don’t: they tell Britons to say sorry for the years of Imperialism. I confess I like the word: “Imperialism” it sounds … yes, it sounds superior. God knows what it takes for a people to really be imperialist, successfully imperialists not wannabe, like many. I am seeing many wars and many dead ones, I am seeing butchery of humans all around the Middle East and still no empire: the imperialists do a war and then build and empire and the empire is rich and people can travel safe and have police stations and security of trade and movement really, not like the EU another wannabe empire that does not work and will not work not even in the future. What I mean is that the imperialists do the wars and also we did many wars, Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Syria but… even if we kill as many or even more people than the imperialists these ones, after the war, because at a certain point their wars are over, they start building, our new wars are never over and there’s never the building part. The imperialists look at us from upside down. I don’t know how many dead killed ones there have been in the last twenty years in the Middle East and Northern Africa and there is a sort of destruction for destruction and then chaos, no empire, ISIS and jihadis, women raped, while when the empire is established it is totally radically forbidden the homicide and the rape, even if an empire keeps the right for the State to inflict capital death the private assassinations are never tolerated and so rape: it’s an empire, now there is war and chaos instead of war and empire.

“Imperialist” sounds superior, sounds God is on their side, sounds power and power doesn’t say sorry, to say sorry when you’re in decline is untasteful. Detasteful maybe, with this new rotten type of Christianity maledicted by the freemasonry’s lurid plots, if God doesn’t bless us He has a reason. The level of strength and nerve useful and necessary to build an empire is like for a man the age of the full virility: the best, neither a child, nor an old one, it’s like the young father.

We are not doing it anymore because our culture is deviated by the jews, whose associations in favour of the minorities, aka themselves, work literally like a worm in  the apple. Palmerston and Rothschild convinced Queen Victoria to sign off the colonies, then they introduced Ghandi in Britain and then the season of the continuous love for the black the poor the minorities, last the jews and the continuous stupid saying sorry began till the self-destruction actual mode maybe turned off by the Brexit.

You dont’ say sorry for you were too bold and conquered, why should you? In India, which is, people say, the dirtiest country in the world, where the gang rape is even common as it is adoring cows and it is physically, materially dirty, there are so many injustices that the last thing to do is to accept lessons from them, because jews and mason actresses, possibly lesbian like Jodie Foster, tell you.


Capituline Mars

I can never fall for it. The above picture is of a statue of the roman god of the war Mars, it’s the Mars Capituline, being the Capituline the mount of power in Rome.

I wasn’t born “really” on the second of June, my date of birth falls on the first of June because I was born a quarter to midnight and there was saving light time, this is why I was registered on the second, my real date of birth is 1rst of June 1976, in the roman calendar the first of June is the “Christmas of Mars” the date of birth of the God of the war, my guardian angel may be weak, but my demon is strong, you may not accept it, but I was always on the side of the soldiers ever since I was a little child, I like imperialism and I consider the new version of christianity particularly pope Francis to be corrupted.

I am a christian because I really believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and I accept it: ubi maior minor cessat and the Truth obliges people who see it. But at the same time I can’t see anything good coming from this new marmalade gone bad that’s the new european religion: the sooner we get rid of it, the better. Believe me. Once I shocked a protestant pastor who told us: “We christians find the Old Testament hard and shocking…” and I told him: “You find the Old Testament hard and shocking, I find it normal, I find it’s the New Testament pretty strange, excuse me.” He looked at me and changed article. God bless us all. And bless America. And the world. Jesus, I trust You, and I want justice, I can’t digest all this rotten charity, I put my world in Your hands.

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