Obama is doing the job in the place of Hillary, because Hillary cannot do it. Independently from the fact that he may be doing it well: it’s not him the candidate and the candidate  is a phantom one. Where’s Hillary? Sleeping?

I respect that Obama is doing the job of supporting Hillary Clinton, though the impression is that he is doing the job in her place: she is nowhere to be seen, people don’t go to her rallies and if Trump has a bad temperament she has no temperament at all. The impression is still that the Democrats did choose the very wrong candidate and that Obama is patching the work because the real candidate is not up to it. Hillary Clinton is doing a phantom, very weak electoral campaign, they say it’s untrue she’s got health problems but in this hot last days she should be running up and down the country and she is not; where is she? Sleeping? Has she got health problems? She is not capable of dominating the crowd at the rallies and the crowds at her rallies have disappeared, and the impression is that she has become the puppet candidate of the left and that the vice-president would be running the country, an invisible vice-president nowhere to be seen. Obama can talk, but it’s not him the candidate. The Democrats did wrong and they must accept it. The entire speech of Obama is focused on Trump because about Hillary there’s nothing good to say: they’ll lose.

As rally-goers continued defy him, Obama grew angrier and angrier, eventually demanding that attendees of the Hillary Clinton campaign event sit down and shut up.

Source: President Obama defends Trump supporter during Clinton rally | Daily Mail Online

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