It’s only 650 constituencies I and the other political Editors have to scrutinize; 50 constituencies each day and in 13 days we’ve finished. And you’ll know who’s a remainer, who’s a leaver, who wanted gay sex, who’s a jewish double national.


Jacob Rees Mogg talks about purge in the Parliament and 1000 new peers but Brexit will be delivered. Right, I give a hand for the purge. My way. Then they haven’t got to complain that the Parliament is too right wing and after Brexit it will even have more power.

Now, either they do Brexit now or Ed Miliband and Sarah Champion are finished. I put myself at this computer and I’ll give you one by one all the 650 british constituencies scrutinized with all the candidates: in some constituencies you might vote Tory in others UKIP, in other you’ll have the pleasure to expel the marxist fucking jews the double nationals who do the spy for the Mossad, the gays who want children and the remainers. It takes 50 constituencies each day and in 13 days I give you a Parliament clean and pure like a diamond. Even if You have to vote Britain First or the Labour candidate accused of antisemitism, if the Tories think they can accept the stich up with the globalist part of the establishment I won’t be tricked by any flag, I’ll study the history of all the candidates: only true brexiteers and people who didn’t want the opinion crime, so not only we’ll have Brexit, the Left will have to swallow its hate speech laws one by one and then vomit: we’ll do what Jacob Rees Mogg calls the purge. It’s up to you people, but this time you’ll know for whom to vote for taking back control of your country, pure safe brexiteers and people against the opinion crime. And possibly also against gay weddings and fucking Israel of Lord Rothschild, they can take all the money they’ve got in five pounds notes and stick them in the hole of their bottom, these people must be punished because they want to substitute Democracy, that they have already damaged, with plutocracy and lobbycracy; apropos, tell the indian MP who wants Theresa May on her knees apologising for the sins of the past that we are imperialists: who wins the war rules because he has won the war and hasn’t got to apologize for anything, please cut the “foreign aid” to this shitty countries like India, the country where it is common the gang rape, they should be ashamed of themselves, but the Jews and their dear holocaust always come first, ok, let’s change parliament so we undo totally what Tony Blair did, and my Readers won’t be fooled by false flags: in some constituencies the best candidate may belong to a party and in others to another: Democracy is worthy the civil war and the Brexit party is transversal. How dare they say that people cannot have their independence back? The Parliament is an expression of the citizens, the referendum is direct democracy and of course backed by the referendum a government can make a law, staying in the single market is not real independence so Brexit means total independence from Brussels, in any case, file these new candidates for the new elections and be careful about talking sex with 5 year old, the new clean parliament may make it sexual harassment and emotional paedophilia and you dirty Sarah Champion may get arrested for molesting children; which thing would be about time.

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