Great Boost for Hofer and Strache while Putin is outraged after corrupted judge rules that immigrant man who raped a 10 year old boy – 10 years old, Readers – didn’t know the boy wasn’t consensual. But real men are back to protect children.


Heinz-Christian Strache is the “regular guy” the Austrians and the Europeans want to set things to western normality not middle eastern level “normality”.

Now the serbian community has no doubt, after a serbian child, a real child, 10 years old, not like Calais children who are young men, was raped by a damn immigrant come to Austria for the fault of Angela Merkel who didn’t want the “refugees” to be identified in Turkey, and actually “called” for an invasion, well now the serbian community has no doubt: Strache. And Hofer, actually FPOe, they the Serbians living in Austria, well integrated, wanted to be kind with immigrants they could see there was confusion and some of them wanted always to vote Strache and Hofer’s party, beginning with the next 4th of December at the Presidential elections, some others had doubts, but now that the ruling of an austrian judge stated that a man of twenty can rape a boy of ten and get away with it because he’s a refugee and in the place where he comes from they don’t know that boys are not consensual and that a man cannot have sex with a boy, now in a country where the age of consent is sixteen for girls, not certainly ten, a good polite christian country where boys and girls cannot be sexualized or touched underage, if you’re a white austrian, the “refugee” from supposedly Syria can get away with boy sodomy, now they’re all openly, fiercely for FPOe; In Germany police officers got accused of having told a girl not sue a Merkel-called immigrant/refugee who raped her and now real men are welcomed back by the people to take the reins of our countries all of them and the regular good immigrants in Germany want to vote NPD, that the white leftists call “neo-nazis” there’s such a chaos that only Christian Strache and his likes can solve it, and in the USA Trump, Trump that the leftists must admit, many latino american citizens want to vote for they fear the chaos of the democratic no borders, and they will and Trump will take over with his team of patriots and the patriots will rule America.

But another man steps in to defend children from this bunch of pervs who always justify refugees or immigrants when they rape: Vladimir Putin. He’s rightly horrified at the ruling of the austrian court. What we can admire is that there are plenty of honest and steel strong men and women who can take control of the countries and revert the mess created by the leftists. Apropos, someone tell Valls and Hollande they must repatriate to Africa all the african illegals rioting in Paris, they must not try to smuggle them to Britain, Heinz-Christian Strache and Norbert Hofer, just like Putin and Trump would never do this, they would send them back to Africa and Asia not discharge them to other western christian nations, because all, Italy, France, Europe, the West must be protected.

God bless right wing politicians and enlighten the minds of the people to do the real good thing, the real right thing: vote christian right wingers everywhere. The Left is so corrupted that in Sweden they are reported to have tried to hand out T-Shirts with the writings “better r@ped by a refugee than helped by a r@cist” No, you perverted leftist, I am a woman and I don’t want to be r@ped by anyone and so the kids and if a far-right winger that’s probably what you call a r@cist – idiot way of writing as if putting the @ instead of “a” made this shit somewhat “cool” -helps me I am thankful very thankful: the leftists are perverted, the judges must uphold real justice and I believe Heinz-Christian Strache will be Prime Minister of Austria and the Austrians will be happy, Strache, Hofer President, Trump President of the USA we must put our good men in powerful positions to save us and the kids from the perverted leftists. They are perverted and they must be punished for Justice.

The impression is that HC Strache is the “regular guy” to set things to western level of normality not crazy middle eastern level “normality” in the Middle East forced marriages, rapes of boys and then killing the victims intead of punishing the rapists can be seen as “normal”. These people, Strache, Marion LePen and also NPD people are now being considered the solution both for native europeans who want to be respected and for regular immigrants who are coming out to finally take the distance from the illegal ones and the hoardes of no-borders.

Personally, I go crazy about Strache, I think he’s chosen by the Lord to protect christians. And also Putin. And don’t you believe that the leftists in Sweden didn’t really handed out the infamous T-Shirts with the writings “better r@ped by a refugee than helped by a r@cist” I believe in Sweden these people must be arrested for inciting the immigrants to feel free to r@pe and for deeply offending women, and yes you horrible leftists I want to be helped if I am in danger and if I am helped by a supposed r@cist it’s much much better than be r@ped, idiot! therefore we all support Strache and Trump and not you dirty perverted leftists. And the more you talk about forgiving rapist refugees the more regular immigrants and non white people support openly right wing parties too. Ask yourselves why, imbecile dirty leftists.

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