The USA Law prohibits public servants to use private servers to exchange e-mails instead of the one provided by the State. So Hillary is unelectable, what are we still talking about?


E-mail scandal is much bigger than you think. You must realize the entity of it.

I would like to be clear with my Readers, Hillary Clinton is unelectable because she did break the law knowingly and willingly and moreover exposed the State to hacking risks and it’s useless that she tries to put the blame on Assange or Putin, here’s why in clear words: Hillary Clinton is not fit for any top job in the government and it’s real that she should be in jail.


  1. The USA has a law that prohibits public servants, Secretary of State among the firsts, to use private servers to exchange e-mails regarding state affairs; they, the american public servants must use the server provided by the State, all the documents and e-mails exchanged, since they talk about american official policies must be at the disposal of the american citizens and the FBI etc.
  2. Hillary Clinton knew it and instead of following/obeying the law, organized to put a private server in a private building of her property, and exchanged state secrets, and state department e-mails from there. So, dear Readers, if Assange, Wikileaks or even Putin managed to hack them is not for Putin’s fault, it’s because that idiot of Hillary Clinton, breaking the law and using the private server instead of the one provided by State and protected from hacking by the State, exposed the State secrets and her e-mails to a high level of hacking risks and in fact they were all hacked, she and her helpers weren’t good enough to protect the anyway illegal private servers from hacking and it’s useless that she puts it on Putin.
  3. How all this private server scandal came out? Because of the terrifying homicide previous torture of the american ambassador in Benghazi Christopher Stevens, which was high betrayal on the side of Hillary Clinton’s and here’s why: Clinton wanted desperately the fall of the Libyan State masked as the punishment for the bad dictator Gaddafi – as they are trying to do with Assad and Syria now – obviously in the chaos the rebels, the jihadis, anyway it’s good for the americans to know not Gaddafi’s people, went to kill/slaughter the american ambassador in Benghazi with his bodyguards. The american heroes who were in the NATO base of Sigonella, Southern Italy, were ready to take the Black Hawks and go and save the american ambassador, remember that southern Italy and Libya are very near, in a couple of hours the top marines would catch and risk their life to bring Stevens back with them in safe Italy: this is what the marines are trained to do, well the marines said they received an order from Washington to stand down and not to go and take Stevens in Benghazi and that they, ready as they were to take off, because Stevens and his bodyguards had called them for going to take them, they had to obey Washington’s order and couldn’t go: Stevens was tortured and killed.You can even see the terrible photographs of the moderate rebels of Hillary and Obama jumping and bringing around the torn body of the Christopher Stevens american ambassador.
  4. With such pieces of information by the soldiers who were in Sigonella, the FBI wanted to know who gave the order to stop the rescue operation and told the black hawks to stand down and not to go and save the ambassador, be careful readers, it’s like Boris Johnson is somewhere in, let’s say, Somalia, a rebellion explodes, the moderate rebels want to slaughter him, he and his staff call for the british SAS to go and take them with helicopters and Michael Fallon telephones from London to the SAS operative in the zone to order them not to go and rescue him and Johnson gets tortured and murdered and the moderate rebels jump around his body and post everything on internet. So, do you understand the entity of the betrayal? The FBI who are still heroes and patriots wanted to see the e-mails exchanged by the  Secretary of State with Sigonella to see what kind of order had been given to stop the rescue, here Hillary falters and then admits that her e-mails are on a private server not on the server provided by the State which is already a very illegal thing, then the FBI wanted to see the e-mails on the private server but instead of 60.000  found only 30.000, Hillary admits she gave the order to their staff to destroy the other 30.000 for they were “private correspondence” – this is the candidate of the AIPAC, of the democrats of the Left who says “Trump is unqualified” etc. – Hillary’s position worsens because she had given the order to destroy the e.mails with the BleachBit program that makes it impossible to rescue them also by hackers, so the e-mails hacked by Assange – or Putin according to the crook – are not even the worst.
  5. The FBI questions Hillary Clinton about Benghazi and the e.mail cancelled, she answers often “I can’t remember”.

This is the candidate for “human rights” against Putin, against Assad, paid by Soros, Rothschild the Israelis and the Saudis.

Tell me if she shouldn’t be in jail and if the jewish press which is code-worded as liberal press doesn’t want her only to keep on destroying arab countries in the Middle East and Northern Africa as the israelis, who are very crooked, want. She is unelectable totally and Donald Trump is in comparison to her just an “old boy” who boasted about how women give it to him because he’s rich and likable and moreover did this in a private conversation with a  man he thought a  friend in a bar…Decide who’s really the bad one.


People who vote Left must wake up and vote Right wing.

The problem with the leftists is that they presume to know even when they don’t because they read the jewish israeli press that they wrongly call the liberal press that tells them “If you vote left you are intelligent, if you vote right you are ignorant” in reality, asked in details about the EU, Hillary or Benghazi they can barely answer. It’s about time people wake up, stop going after the jews/israelis masked as “liberals” in our countries and vote Right wing, even “antisemitic right” because it’s really the Rothschild, the jews and the israelis who have been deviating the policies of our countries for long in the perspective of an israeli dominion of the Middle East by having the other Middle Eastern countries just destroyed by the americans and the rest of the NATO and now they must stop and we must take control of our state machines, abolish the double nationality and abandon Israel and the jews to themselves, because the power they’ve got they use it against us, the way they did with the Britons who fought for them against Hitler and then had their own british soldiers murdered by the jews in Palestine and the jewish lobby organized the anti-imperial movement to demolish the british empire, other than helping Argentina against Britain in the Falklands war. But I’ll give you details about this later on.

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